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Japanese WWII 'Hinomaru Yosegaki' Personal Flag - Click for the bigger picture

Japanese WWII 'Hinomaru Yosegaki' Personal Flag

In translation a 'Good Luck' flag and was a traditional gift for Japanese soldiers, sailors and airmen deployed during WWII and other military campaigns. The Japanese call their country's flag 'hinomaru', which literally translates to "sun-round", a reference to the red circle on a white field and often more commonly referred to by collectors as 'the meat ball' flag. Made of silk very often these good luck charms were signed by friends and family, often with short messages wishing the soldier victory, safety, and good luck in battle. Sometimes they contained prayers and they were intended to be folded up and carried as close to the heart as possible. When signed the Japanese characters were usually written vertically and radiated outward from the edge of the red circle a practice called 'yosegaki', meaning "sideways-writing." These flags were popular souvenirs when captured by allied servicemen in WWII. Our example is unsigned but remains in remarkable original condition with just very minor staining. The flag retains leather corner pieces at the luff with the original cord ties. 35"x 25" (89 cm x 63 cm)

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