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Air Warden Bakelite Door Plaque - Click for the bigger picture

Air Warden Bakelite Door Plaque

An original British Home front sign from the Second World War. Air Raid Precautions Warden's (ARP's) provided the backbone of Britain's civil defence operations and was formed in 1935 when storm clouds were already gathering in Europe. They provided an essential service during the Blitz and throughout the dark days of the War. The Air Raid Warden had to be easily identifiable so as well as his ARP badge homes were normally marked to indicate where the local warden could be contacted in an emergency.

Several different types existed made from aluminium, enamel or as this example in Bakelite. This would have probably been attached to an inside door within a larger building or industrial concern that warranted its own warden. In a market that is now seeing reproductions being offered this is a guaranteed period example, with evidence beside the fixing holes to show where it has been removed from a door, by an unknown hand long ago. This is an iconic Home Front collectable from the era in good original condition with minor fading & discolouration to brown Bakelite and little paint loss to lettering, exactly in line with age, use and storage over the preceding 80 years. The plaque was purchased in Bristol, a west country City that suffered an absolute pounding in the Bristol Blitz from November 1940 to April 1941 and as we so often say here "if it could only talk it would certainly have a story to tell"! The plaque measures 6" x 3" (15 cm X 7.5 cm).

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