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WWII Royal Tank Regiment Illustrated Love Poem - Click for the bigger picture

WWII Royal Tank Regiment Illustrated Love Poem

This item is a little outside our normal area of expertise but when recently we were offered the chance to buy it we could not decline! The poem and pictures appear to have been fairly recently framed and glazed. The top of the picture contains a hand written love poem : There's never a hill so high, that love can not ascend, There's never a song so sweet, as sung from the heart of a friend, There's never a stormy sea, without its tranquil shore So may joys sweet content for you, flow on for ever more.. Sadly the poem is not addressed to anyone and it is not signed. Below are a series of naive style scenes, drawn in ink, showing Africa in 1943, Italy in 1944, Austria in 1945 and finally good old 'Blighty'! Within each montage a small tank is shown - we believe this could be based on a British Churchill Mk IV which was used by British and Commonwealth forces in North Africa, Italy and North-West Europe so in line with the areas depicted. In the African scene the caption has been added 'through dust' and in Italy 'blood' in Austria 'mud' and in England 'to the green fields beyond! It is our assumption the creator of this artwork was a member of this tank's crew and the illustration depicts his war and happily it appears he got home safely. Whilst this Tank Regiment man remains anonymous his artwork and poem of 70 years ago survives. It is in excellent condition and not faded. It would appear to have been folded at some stage and was perhaps included in a letter. We suppose it is possible something may be written on the reverse side but we have left the piece exactly as it came in. Certainly a one off and emotive souvenir of WWII. Minor marks to frame and non breakable glass fitted. More detailed pictures available on request. Frame measures 17.00" x 13.25" (43 cm x 33 cm)

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