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Kriegsweihnacht Nazi German 1941 dated 78 RPM Records - Click for the bigger picture

Kriegsweihnacht Nazi German 1941 dated 78 RPM Records

Literally translated meaning 'War Christmas' and 'Unsere Weihnachtslieder' meaning 'Our Christmas'. Whilst we have no equipment here to play these records on going from the label details record one numbered T70429 (without printing on the card cover) contains two Christmas recordings – one a classical German folk piece composed by Herbert Napiersky, (who is thought to have been involved with Hitler Youth Songbook) entitled 'Tal und Hügel Sind Verschneit' that we believe translates to 'The Valley and Hill are Covered with Snow'. The other side features a German Christmas carol 'Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen' translated as "A Rose Has Sprung Up " recorded by Walter Rein (1893-1955) a German composer, academic, and musicologist.

The other record numbered T70431 is contained within a similar card case marked 'Musikas' and has contact details for the towns of Nerrebrogade, Kongevej (the principal shopping street of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen) and Enghavevej, another district of Copenhagen. Denmark was occupied by Germany from 9th April 1940, in Operation Weserübung, so it seems these records were retailed by Danish stores for purchase by the occupiers over Christmas of 1941 and intended as spirit lifting recordings for German troops, as they prepared for their 3rd Christmas at war and with the anticipated a longer conflict ahead. One side carries the title 'In Den Heiligen Nächten' which we believe translates to a folk song 'In the Holy Nights ' written by Heinz Grunow " (1913-1989). On the reverse side is 'Hohe Nacht der klaren Sterne' by Hans Bauman which translated means 'Great Night of the Clear Stars' which we believe he wrote in 1936. Baumann (1914 –1988) was a German poet, songwriter, literary translator and author of children's books. In WWII he joined the German Army and spent most of his time on the Eastern Front working in the propaganda unit. Versions of the various songs are available on You Tube if you should wish to check them out. This record was recorded by Singgemeinschaft Rudolph Lamy in Berlin.

These records are a little outside of our normal area but came on with some Kriegsmarine items and as we often say they would most certainly have a story to tell if they could only talk! We imagine they would still play on the correct equipment and whilst the condition looks quite acceptable we are offering for sale after 80 years as collectables from a time when the World was a very different place. In August 1941 Joseph Goebbels had banned all music arranged by British, Poles, Russians & French citizens, the only works that survived his purge were by Chopin & Bizet and domestic orchestras were forced to turn their attentions to many obscure German composers, so by Christmas of that year the available playlist was considerably curtailed!

If these are your area of collecting we suggest you also check out as well item OC471 in the book section, an Adler Luftwaffe songbook published in Berlin 1939, which we have also just listed.

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