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'Cafe Colette' Durium Records - Click for the bigger picture

'Cafe Colette' Durium Records

These are a first for us! On offer is a pair of records that we understand were manufactured during the depression years of the 1930's as a cheap, unbreakable and 'durable' gramophone record and were sold both in the US and Europe. The 4" diameter records (10 cm) are both marked 'Café Colette Orchestra' and were produced by Aircraft Productions Ltd and formed a part of a series of five records. One features 'Wine Woman and Song (who can disagree with that?) by Strauss and we understand recorded in 1933. The other is stamped 'Kasbeck (Caucasian Dance). Interestingly the reverse carries advertising for aircraft shockproof watches and surprisingly 'Double life 3 hole blades @ 15 blades for one shilling. How times have changed! We understand these littler records are now quite scarce and 80 years after their release need to be rehomed with an appropriate collector of such things. For sale as collectables as we can no longer they will still play as intended!

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