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Somerset, England - 17th July 2003

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4
includes items from Oldnautibits

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4
(ISBN 1-84000-835-0 Paperback ISBN 1-184000-695-1) is now published and available for sale in good bookshops, via the net, and at major UK Antique Fairs. The published price is £17.99 (Paperback £16.99), although it is often available at a discount.

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4 is, for the first time, published in full colour and features over 6000 illustrations. The publication includes guide prices for items that are likely to be offered for sale on the UK market. The variety and age of content is absolutely staggering - with items from 500 million years ago (a fossil) to collectables of the future. Miller's covers everything from ephemera to erotica - and most things in between!

Oldnautibits in Miller's Price GuideOldnautibits were very pleased to be asked this year, to loan Millers a diverse range of articles from our Aeronautical and Nautical stock. We were delighted to find that a good selection of these items have been included within the substantial 450 page Guide. Miller's lists a brief description alongside each illustration, together with dimensions, age, guide price and the source of the object. Prices are quoted in pounds sterling with a conversion to US dollars. Readers must be aware that the "prices" relate to dealers' asking prices, which do not necessarily reflect actual selling prices, so they should only be used as a "guide". Oldnautibits recommend Miller's, for both trade and amateur collectors alike, as an aid to help identify that mystery "whatnot" that has languished in the cupboard for years.

Oldnautibits in Miller's Price GuideA word of caution - just because a dealer rates his binoculars at £100 ($160), this does not necessarily mean that an identical pair would raise that amount at auction. Auction prices depend on the current market value and the interest that a particular lot attracts from other bidders on the day. In addition, when selling an item, do not expect a dealer to match the price that is quoted in Miller's - the dealer may rate the article differently and, of course, has to make a margin on the resale!

With the above provisos, Oldnautibits thoroughly recommend Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4.

Miller's listing clearly identifies Oldnautibits' stock with the code 'OLD' below each illustration. Some of the items included may well have been sold, however, similar stock is usually available; visit to see current stock.

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003/4
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley
Published price: £17.99
Edited by: Madeleine Marsh
ISBN 1-84000-835-0

The paperback edition (ISBN 1-84000-695-1)
is available at

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