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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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HMS Pegasus Christening Font & Stand - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Pegasus Christening Font & Stand - This is a totally unique and one-off item with the font being made from a seaplane spinner. Pegasus was a seaplane carrier of 3070 tons, launched in 1917 and sold out of service in 1931. She carried a complement of 9 aircraft. Almost certainly made on board, the stand appears to be varnished mahogany with the central spinner in aluminium. A plaque is riveted to the front which carries the Pegasus crest with the engraving "Font made from the nose piece of a seaplane for the christening of Michael Phipps on board HMS Pegasus 13th July, 1918 and presented to Mrs. Phipps by the officers after the ceremony". It is a Royal Navy tradition to occasionally baptise children of serving crew within the upturned bell in which case the child's name was engraved inside. We have never previously heard of an aircraft nose piece being used for this purpose but it provides the ideal receptacle. We assume young Master Phipps (who today would be 90 years old! was the son of a crew member at the end of WWI. The font is in excellent original condition with some ageing to the varnish. We have had this in our own collection for some time and it makes an excellent plant stand with a Christmas Poinsettia! Stands 36" (92 cm) high and diameter at top 16" (40 cm).
Brass Ashtray - Click for the bigger picture SoldBrass Ashtray - embossed with Royal Naval crest and named to HMS Caledonia. HMS Caledonia was a shore establishment based at Rosyth, Scotland and was used for engine room artificer training. We are advised by an ex engine room artificer this piece would have been made as part of the 3 year training programme. TS Caledonia was destroyed by fire in 1939 and the trainees were evacuated to the Isle of White. 14 cm diameter.
HMS Barfoam Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Barfoam Trench Art - A matched pair of small plates in brass with marine propeller stands. One is stamped HMS Barfoam and dated 1941. Barfoam was a Bar Class Boom Defence Vessel launched in 1941 with pennant number 182. These decorative examples of trench art were almost certainly made by a crew member on board the ship in late 1941. 4" (10.5 cm.)
Royal Navy First Sea Lord Staff Car Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy First Sea Lord Staff Car Pennant - A most attractive miniature white ensign which has come directly from the admiralty stores complete with stock label indicating it is in serviceable condition and stock number 5373297. Made from a silk like material with laid on red cross and union flag and with a brown leather reinforced section where the flag fitted over the staff car pennant mast. A great RN collectable or could be used to impress the neighbours fitted to your Cortina! Measures 13" x 6" (33 cm x 16 cm)
Royal Naval Launching Mallet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Naval Launching Mallet - This ornate ceremonial mallet would have been manufactured and used for the official launching of a naval ship and would have been presented to the dignitary subsequently as a souvenir of the occasion. It would originally have been contained within a velvet lined casket together with the launching chisel. Sadly, these items are missing and as a result we have no provenance with the piece. The mallet, which is made of fruit wood, is heavily carved and encorporates a fouled anchor on the head. These mallets very rarely appear on the market and represent a unique piece of naval history. Probably dating from the late 19th century. Measures 11.5" (29 cm).
Einheitsdichtigkeitsmesser - Click for the bigger picture SoldEinheitsdichtigkeitsmesser - A German naval salinity tester complete in original fitted box. These were used to test the water on U-Boats as well as other naval vessels. This example made by Dr. Hermann Rohrheck Nachf Berlin comes complete with hygrometer, a test tube (possibly replacement) and a can containing original litmus papers. An added bonus are the original operating instructions dated 1936 with numerous hand written amendments and alterations. Box measurement 15" (38 cm).
Leather and Canvas Suitcase with Mauretania Associations - Click for the bigger picture SoldLeather and Canvas Suitcase with Mauretania Associations - A fine example in used condition. The original owner was L. F. Pepie whose initials are on the lid. He clearly travelled in style as numerous original Cunard Line baggage labels are in evidence, one clearly stating Pepie sailed on the liner Mauretania in the first class state room M.50 from New York to Southampton. Mr. Pepie lived at Mariners, Virginia Water, so a very appropriate address! We are assuming the Mauretania is the second vessel which carried the name which entered service with the Cunard White Star Line in 1939. She was almost immediately requisitioned by the military, armed, painted battle ship grey and served as a troop ship throughout the war. Returning to her owners post war, she served until being scrapped in 1965. Our case is in generally good condition with just minor wear to the canvas and leather but with a variety of original Cunard - White Star labels, would make a great decorator's piece or as a focal point in a WSL display. 30" x 17" (76 cm x 43 cm). Both locks in working order but the key is absent.
Kreigsmarine Ship's Log in fitted case - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Ship's Log in fitted case - A scarce example and only the second one we have ever seen offered for sale. The register dial is named to the well known nautical instrument manufacturer W. Ludoph who have been operating from Brenerharven for over 150 years. The dial interestingly features a digital display which must have been an advanced feature 70 years ago. Above the scale is written Seemeilen which translates to mean nautical miles. The bezel is embossed with a clear Waffen Ampt stamp and the numbers 2708 and WB12366. The register is made from an alloy and is finished in Kreigsmarine field grey paint. The fitted pine deck box also contains a shoe (mounting device), a traff rail log governer, rotator, hooks and cordage. The metal parts show some rust but the set is in "sleepy" condition, exactly as it must have been when it came out of service. The register appears to be in working order but is for sale as a collector's item.
Royal Navy Ships' Nails with Battle of Trafalgar Association - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Ships' Nails with Battle of Trafalgar Association - On offer are two hand made bronze ships' nails which were recovered by divers from a naval stores vessel which foundered after striking the Runnelstone Reef near Lands End, Cornwall on 7th March, 1806. The nails were a part of the cargo being shipped to Milford Haven in South Wales to assist with the repair of Nelson's Fleet which had been damaged by the French at the Battle of Trafalgar. Both carry the military broad arrow confirming originally the property of His Majesty's Navy. These 19th century nails never made it their intended destination so your chance to grab them while you can! Measures 7.5" (20 cm)
HMS Speedy Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Speedy Trench Art - A superb example, made from shell cases in the form of a fireside coal scuttle. The body is made from a 1915 dated shell casing stamped Berndorf, while the base is a smaller casing dated August 1917. An ornate plaque is attached to the top, named to HMS Speedy and dated 1921. Speedy was a 'S' Class Destroyer, 1087 tons, built by Thornycroft in 1918, but was sunk 24.9.1922 following a collision with a tug on the Sea of Marmara. Much larger than normal Trench Art which we see, with the scuttle section measuring 8" x 6.5" (20 cm. x 16 cm.)
Kreigsmarine Cigarette Box from Schnellboot S-151 - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Cigarette Box from Schnellboot S-151 - Features an alloy trade badge for a torpedo mechanic to the lid and made from a polished hardwood with an upward hinging central lid. This box has an intriguing story to tell. On the base is written in faded ink "Torpedo boat 151 Kieler Harven" and below "This cigarette box was obtained from a torpedo mechanic of the German Navy ship Torpedo Boat 151. Place: Kiel Harbour. Time: June 1945, boarding party. Price: 5 cigarettes (5 x more than was asked for)" So often the kit we find has lost its provenance down the years, so this little box makes a very pleasant change! We hope the original Kreigsmarine torpedo mechanic enjoyed his 5 cigarettes 63 years ago! Measures 5.5" x 4" (14.5 cm x 10 cm)
SS Strathnaver Decorative Fouled Anchor - Click for the bigger picture SoldSS Strathnaver Decorative Fouled Anchor - Brass finished with an enamel P&O house flag and the ship's name attached to the shank. Strathnaver was the first of five Straths launched in 1931 at 22, 283 tons, was uniquely finished in all white livery and was very popular with her passengers. In WWII she became a troop ship and assisted with the invasion of Italy. She rejoined P&O in 1948 and was finally broken up in Hong Kong in 1962. The anchor would have been purchased as a souvenir by a passenger as a reminder of a voyage. Mounted on a wooden display shield. Anchor length 3.25" (8 cm)
Kreigsmarine Issue Schwimmveste - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Issue Schwimmveste - These lifejackets were issued to both surface and u-boat crews and photographic evidence exists that they sometimes found their way onto Luftwaffe air sea rescue aircraft. This example is in good issued condition with rubberised canvas finished in beige and fitted with the correct fastening straps. It comes complete with the gas inflation bottle which is stamped 16908, H and dated 6.44 as well as a swastika and M. The jacket itself carries a Waffen Ampt ink stamp and also has manual inflation points. The main inflation tube is in place but the stopper is missing and exhibits signs of perishing. Whilst not mint, this is an excellent display example and is becoming increasingly hard to find in any condition. Not warranted for its original use!
Kreigsmarine Military Stop Watch - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Military Stop Watch - We purchased this fine instrument at auction in South West England and it was described as having been recovered from a U-boat after WWII. The back of the case is nicely marked with Kr, a Waffen Ampt stamp and the letters MA. Identical markings are shown in the excellent Angolia & Schlicht Uniforms and Traditions book volume 3, page 246 with the comment "the meaning of the KR is unknown". Our feeling is this is actually a Kreigsmarine military artillery timer but could well have also been used by the submarine service. The enamel dial has a couple of minor chips but is generally in excellent condition with the main scale recorded 0-10 seconds and the subsidiary dial recording minutes from 0-10. The watch mechanism runs smoothly with both counters operating but it does appear to have a minor fault in that when stopped and zeroed, the main hand returns to the 2 second position as shown in the photograph. If required, the new owner could probably have this sorted and we are therefore offering for sale as a collectable item only. The case carries a double back. No maker's name is shown on the dial. Diameter 2.75" (5.5 cm)
Thomas Walker Ship's Log - Click for the bigger picture SoldThomas Walker Ship's Log - Complete with rotator wheel, cord and fin. Marked on the dial Cherub Walker's Mk III. In the age of satelite navigation, these wonderful instruments are obsolete, but they make very attractive display items and look extremely well mounted on a suitable display board. The fin is stamped with an anchor design T.W. and Cherub. Sold as a display item, although might well work as originally intended but we don't have the facility to test!
Presentation Bowl named to SS Hobson's Bay - Click for the bigger picture SoldPresentation Bowl named to SS Hobson's Bay - A turned hardwood bowl with brass shield to centre engraved "To Mr & Mrs Hollyoak from his shipmates SS Hobson's Bay 24.8.35". Hobson's Bay was launched in 1921 at 13, 840 tons for the Australia and Commonwealth Line and plied the UK-Australia route. In 1928 she was purchased by the White Star Line, while in 1933 was transferred to the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line. 1936 saw her renamed SS Esperance Bay and in 1939 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty and served as HMS Esperance Bay, an armed merchant cruiser pennant FY67. In 1941 she was converted to a troop ship. Post war she was returned to her owners, renamed Arawa and was scrapped in 1955. We assume the bowl was given to Mr & Mrs Hollyoak by fellow crew members as a gift, perhaps on leaving the ship or possibly a wedding present. Generally good condition. 10" (26 cm) diameter.
S.S. Broomhill Wooden Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldS.S. Broomhill Wooden Plaque - We believe this to be a ship's lifeboat name board from the ill fated vessel. It is made from mahogany with the lettering in white paint and varnished over. The reverse has evidence of a paper label but if this contained the provenance of the piece, this has long since gone. What we do know is that the SS Broomhill was a steam collier of 1392 tons, built in 1909. She was captured in Lyme Bay in southern England by the German submarine UC61 on 10.05.17. She was sunk by explosive charges, sadly with the loss of 2 lives, brothers James and Robert Jone who were both firemen. She is lying at 50 metres and is largely intact. We can only assume this plaque was removed from a lifeboat by one of the survivors and kept as a souvenir of that eventful day 91 years ago. Dimensions 17.5" (45 cm)
HMS Courageous Presentation Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Courageous Presentation Plaque - To mark the award of the Kelvin Hughes Sea Lion Trophy. Courageous was a Royal Navy nuclear powered submarine in service from 1970 and paid off in 1992. The trophy was presented annually by Kelvin Hughes, the marine division of Smiths Industries, for top performance in torpedo marksmanship in the Royal Navy submarine service. Winning crew members received, as well as the trophy, a tie carrying the same motif and a bulkhead plaque was retained on the boat. This award was first introduced in 1975. The award is in the form of a double sea lion motif in relief set on a mahogany base and to the front a brass plaque confirming the award to HMS Courageous. 7" x 5" (18 cm x 12 cm)
United States Seventh Fleet Brass Tray - Click for the bigger picture SoldUnited States Seventh Fleet Brass Tray - A presentation tray with United States Seventh Fleet eagle and anchor motif to the centre and the legend "Ready Power for Peace" below. This item is so far unresearched so we are not sure of the exact age, but it has a good build quality and nice patina, although could be polished to a high shine if desired. 11" (29 cm).
Prisoner of War Carving - Click for the bigger picture SoldPrisoner of War Carving - This plaque originated from Scotland and we are told it was presented by a German POW to a local civilian during WWI. It depicts a German soldier in a period combat helmet carved in relief from hardwood. This is mounted on a quality oak frame which appears to be contemporary. We are sure it must have an interesting story to tell! Frame measurements: 25 cm x 20 cm.
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