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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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HMS Medusa Pewter Bowl - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Medusa Pewter Bowl - We have no idea of actual use but cleary marked with the ship's name as well as a broad arrow property mark. Eight ships of the Royal Navy have carried the name and as the bowl is not dated, diffiult to identify the actual vessel it came from. At a guess, possibly the cruiser launched in 1888 and sold out of service in 1921. Diameter 5.5" (13.5 cm)
HMS Ajax Wreck Artifacts - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Ajax Wreck Artifacts - Mounted within a glazed collector's display board and featuring 12 items recovered from the wreck. HMS Ajax was a ship of the line launched in 1798 and took part in the battles of Cape Finisterre and Trafalgar in 1805 before being lost to a disastrous fire in 1807 during the Dardenelles operation. The fire started accidentally in the bread-room and blew up off the island of Tenedos with the loss of 250 men, many of whom had fought at Trafalgar. The relics displayed included 2 broad arrow marked nails and assorted items of copper, one assumes from the ship's hull which survived the fire. A possibly unique set with a direct connection to the most famous battle in British history. Frame measurements 12.5" x 8.5" (31 cm x 21 cm)
1st Rate Ship of the Line Gun Deck Diorama - Click for the bigger picture Sold1st Rate Ship of the Line Gun Deck Diorama - A super scratch built model depicting a fascinating glimpse into a typical gun deck of a Royal Navy Man of War circa 1800. This model is built to exhibition standard and depicts two guns, one run out for action while the other is in the off duty position. Gun crews of the time consisting of 12 men and a boy (the powder monkey! and when properly trained a crew could reload and fire within 90 seconds. The detail shown in staggering and gives a glimpse of what life must have been like below decks at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar. Modelled in 1/23rd scale, the diorama comes complete in a wooden transit box and measures approx. 10" x 9" (26 cm x 23 cm)
 - Click for the bigger picture Sold - Almost certainly made by the most famous name in diving Siebe Gorman as issued to Royal Navy hardhat divers. Stamped with Ref. No. 6230-99-942-7885. Fitted with original leather wrist strap. Chrome finish in excellent condition over brass body. Sold as a collectors item but we have tested with batteries and is in good working order although after all this time we can't guarantee it will still be waterproof at 50 metres! 1.5" (28 cm).
Ship's 6 Spoke Wheel in Solid Brass - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's 6 Spoke Wheel in Solid Brass - This example comes complete with mounting bracket and is of the type used on small coasters and working boats. We have no history with it but it is an ideal size for use in a nautical display. We have left it in an unpolished state as it came in but would be happy to polish it at no extra charge if required. It is extremely heavy, so please check postage costs with us before ordering. Diameter 18" (46 cm)
RAN Submarine Service Commemorative Ashtray - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAN Submarine Service Commemorative Ashtray - This example is a first for us! While we have had similar examples showing Australia in relief, they have always features WWII aircraft. This one, however, details a WWII submarine and is engraved on the deck Australia, South Pacific and is dated 1947. The ashtray base features Australia with a kangaroo to the centre and surrounded by the major towns and cities. Made from cast brass or bronze, it was originally chrome plated but this has mostly worn away over time. A fine commemorative piece celebrating the war in the Pacific. Measures 9.5" (24 cm)
HMS Plymouth Falklands War Souvenir - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Plymouth Falklands War Souvenir - This item features a framed black and white photograph of HMS Plymouth a Rothesay Class Frigate which entered service in 1959. The picture includes an original sailor's cap band from the Plymouth and is signed in ink by David Pentreath who was the Captain of the Plymouth during the Falklands war. The Argentinian surrender was signed by Lt. Cdr. Alfredo Astiz on board the Plymouth and Captains Pentreath and Barker (of HMS Endurance) accepted the surrender. Minor ageing to the photograph but a unique item to Falklands war collectors. Measures 16.5" x 13.5" (42 cm x 34 cm).
Brass Loud Haler - Click for the bigger picture SoldBrass Loud Haler - Used for ship to ship and ship to shore communications. Also popular with rowing coaches for barking instructions to their crews at Henley Royal Regatta! Very good condition..and has benefitted from a good polish since taking the stock picture. Good working order! 15" (38 cm)
Shipwright's Caulking Mallet - Click for the bigger picture SoldShipwright's Caulking Mallet - Used in conjunction with a caulking iron to force oakum into the seams between deck or hull planks. The caulking was then covered with putty or melted pine pitch in a process known as paying. The fine original example has a polished mahogany head with iron fittings and makes a fine display example from days gone by. Probably early 20th century. Measures: 20" (51 cm)
Admiralty Pattern 574 Non-Break Guidor Hydrometer - Click for the bigger picture SoldAdmiralty Pattern 574 Non-Break Guidor Hydrometer - This instrument is supplied in the original admiralty issue case which is dated 1945/6. The item was manufactured by G H Collie & Co. Birkenhead and carries a patent number 2655. It is unusual in that the hydrometer is protected within a glass tube and surrounded by rubber rings to prevent breakage in service use. This is the first example we have seen and despite being over 60 years old, it has survived in near perfect condition.
Shipwright's Scribe - Click for the bigger picture SoldShipwright's Scribe - This instrument is made from hardwood and we believe it would have been used in a shipyard to assist with marking timber during the boat building process. Unusually, it is embossed with a King's Crown and a George VI cypher. In addition, it has been stamped with the names of 37 people on each of the four sides of the instrument. We can only speculate, but perhaps this was done by shipwright colleagues who presented the instrument as a leaving memento to a retiring worker. Central stem 8" (20 cm)
HMT Milford Princess Screen Badge - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMT Milford Princess Screen Badge - A painted wooden badge with heavy brass backing plate in diamond form surmounted by a gold crown. The coat of arms is hand painted and while showing some age wear, it is in generally good condition. Milford Princess was built as a trawler and pre war there were over 100 vessels in the Milford Haven fleet. In December 1939 the number had halved, with the most efficient being conscripted into the Royal Naval Patrol Service. Milford Princess registered port no. M228 carried pennant FY616, indicating she was assigned to minesweeping duties. She served from September 1939 to September 1945, after which time she was returned to her owners. This badge could well have been made up on board and would probably have been mounted on the front of the bridge. Good original condition with some service wear. 17" (43 cm)
HMS Benbow Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Benbow Trench Art - A solid brass tray, probably fashioned from a shell casing with ornate scalloped edges and a fine engraved image of a part women/part bird with the legend HMS Benbow 1924. Benbow was a 25, 000 Battle Ship built for the Royal Navy in 1913 and she served throughout WWI including the battle of Jutland where she escaped any damage. She was paid off and broken up in 1931. This item was no doubt crafted by a crew member in 1924 when she was serving in the Mediterranean as a unique gift for his wife, girlfriend or family member. Measures 5.5" (34 cm)
Oak Carved Picture Frame - Click for the bigger picture SoldOak Carved Picture Frame - set in a lifebelt that carries the legend "Ancona" and "1944-45". This is surrounded by a carved relief of laurel leaves featuring a King's Crown and the words "Royal Navy". Ancona is a seaport on the Adriatic coast of Italy - a strategically important location in WWII. Top to Bottom 5.5" (14 cm)
Submarine Clinometer from HMS Opportune - Click for the bigger picture SoldSubmarine Clinometer from HMS Opportune - Fitted with manufacturer's place engraved Crockatt and marked Patt. 5292. The plate above is marked from 0-10 degrees and an air bubble in the central glass tube visually indicated the list or heel on the boat. Lamps are fitted above and in service there would have been lit up to indicate the degrees of list. The instrument is set in a varnished mahogany base. On the back is scratched HM/SM Oportune which was an Oberon class submarine of 1610 tons which was launched in 1964 and broken up in Portsmouth in 1996. Measures 22.5" (57 cm).
Ship's Wheel named to John Poole, Glasgow - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Wheel named to John Poole, Glasgow - While we do not normally buy reproduction items, this one came in on a P/X deal from a customer who upgraded to the genuine item. This example is nicely presented and constructed from mahogany with brass bindings. Some age wear to varnish. Sold for decorative purposes only at an entry level price. 36" (91 cm)
Ship's Cork Life Ring with Linen Cover - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Cork Life Ring with Linen Cover - This example has a label indicating French manufacture and a date of 23rd October and while the year stamp is not clear, we think it could be 1935 or 1955. Generally in very nice condition but small tear to fabric section on the inside which does not show from the front when on display. Measures 28" (71 cm)
Oldham Lantern Type E - Click for the bigger picture SoldOldham Lantern Type E - Admiralty Pattern 16012. Alloy case stamped with maker's name and 220 volts direct current. It appears to have taken a dry cell battery as well as provision for an external power source via brass screw cover. The bulb is sealed within a heavy glass lens and we imagine the lamp would have been used by the Royal Navy as an emergency engine room inspection lamp. Measures 13" (34 cm). Sold as a collector's item as we have no means of testing, although looks to be complete.
Ship's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Constructed in solid brass and could be used on a table or it has the facility to be wall mounted. This pattern was used on Royal Navy ships in WWI & WWII. A similar design was also used on White Star vessels an example has recently been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic. An extremely attractive and heavily constructed lamp which has been recently rewired. Height 11" (28 cm)
Kreigsmarine WWII Sea Mine Detonator Horn - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine WWII Sea Mine Detonator Horn - This and others like it would have been screwed into a large German sea mine. It would have originally contained a vial of acid that would have broken on contact with a target ship releasing the contents which would burn through a thin membrane charge thus detonating the weapon. This one is empty and is finished in original black paint. Measures 6" (15 cm)
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