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Other Countries - Flying Jackets etc.

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French Armée de l'Air Adjudant-Chef Tunic - Click for the bigger picture Sold French Armée de l'Air Adjudant-Chef Tunic - A good original example with gold bullion wing badge to the chest indicating the original owner was a 'Flying Mechanic' which we understand in RAF terms would be a Flight Engineer. Below on the right breast pocket is a corresponding metal trade badge that picks up the same trade motif ;this could be a later addition. The cloth shows signs of service wear but is generally in very good condition and retains the dark navy blue colour characteristic of French Air Force uniforms. Rank bars are sewn to the shoulders and arms. Theses indicate the tunic is badged to a senior NCO with the rank of 'Adjudant-Chef', the senior of the two Warrant officer grades in the Armée de l'Air, with the rank indicated by a gold ribbon with a middle stripe of red; the junior grade of warrant officer carried a silver ribbon with a red stripe. Standard brass buttons are fitted with the Air Force logo and maker marked A. M & Cie Paris.

Inside is equally clean with no damage to the lining. The tunic carries a cloth badge with a name hand written 'Goudel Jacques Gerhas' which we believe would be the original owner rather than the manufacturer. We can not find any other identifying marks and as it is not dated our best guess is it probably originated in the late 1940's or 1950's but we stand to be corrected by all you French Armée de l'Air experts! No sizing is shown but we estimate it would be a good fit on a chest size of 39"-41" (99 cm -103 cm) An unusual tunic not often seen this side of the English Channel and seeing it is modestly priced would be a welcome addition to a collection but seeing the condition it would also suit a reenactor or something completely different for a fancy dress party.

Please also see the two period French visor caps we also currently have listed elsewhere in the 'Aeronautical, Headgear Other' section.

A Recent Sale
WWII Japanese Army Two Piece Winter Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold WWII Japanese Army Two Piece Winter Flight Suit - On offer is a matched flying jacket and separate flight trousers of the standard Japanese design. In looking at the details today we have decided this actually came out of the factory as a one piece winter suit but has been modified at some stage in its life to make it into a two piece suit. We have seen several examples of this happening over the years and understand this was a period modifications that made it simpler to use. The RAF Irvin flight suit was designed as a two piece garment for exactly the same reason.

The jacket is in exceptional condition;it carries a superb rabbit fur collar in light brown whilst the body of the jacket is lined with white fur. The jacket itself is made from brown cloth which is very clean and just the odd mark commensurate with an issued jacket. It carries all original zips fitted to both sleeves and also to the double breast pockets, used for storing maps, pistol and personal items. The jacket is fastened with original eyes and hooks with a waist belt fitted complete with chromed buckle that shows minor rusting. The inside storm flap of the jacket carries the original Japanese factory manufacturing details which we have had translated. These confirm the jacket (suit) was the property of The Imperial Japanese Army and the production date is shown as 1941. It was made in the Osaka factory and carries an Osaka factory production stamp.

The trousers are an excellent match to the jacket but show rather more service wear with a little thinning to the fabric in places and the odd stain. The lining is the same white fur as the jacket. In checking the detail we would say the jacket and trousers are definitely a set and have always been used together. The zips are all original and functioning and on the ankles the fabric is gusseted. It is also zipped on the arms and two further waist zips to enable the pockets of a uniform worn below to be accessed. In addition the trousers feature fur lined pockets to both knees. The waist band is made from dark brown wool fabric. This has a few minor moth nibbles but nothing to worry about. Whilst we can not say for sure when this modification was carried out it looks to be period ;we understand two piece suits were favoured by fighter pilots although we have sadly got no provenance with this item.

On display in a collection or ideally set up on a mannequin it certainly looks the part. If you have interest in this suit please ask for additional photographs to enable you to check out the detail. Whilst not mint it is a very decent display example and now getting increasingly hard to find. It would of course display well with the winder flying helmet we have just listed, which was also manufactured in the Osaka factory.

A Recent Sale
Royal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Click for the bigger picture Sold Royal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Fully badged to 322 squadron (Polly Parrot) with Dutch motto translated "Don't talk but Act". 322 operated F-16 fighters. The right arm has a Frisian flag badge. This is the largest live firing exercise in the Netherlands and is flown from Leeuwarn base. The suit is in good issued condition. A Recent Sale
RNZAF 3 Squadron Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold RNZAF 3 Squadron Flying Jacket - This example's nomenclature indicates Jacket Flyers CWU-45/P and is manufactured by Isratex Inc. It is also marked large (42"-44"). While the original owner's name has been obliterated, he was a Flt. Lieutenant serving with No. 3 Squadron RNZAF confirmed by the shoulder titles and an extremely nice original badge with the legend Kimihia Ka Patu. The jacket has a heavy Scovill zip in good working order. The outer nylon shell and knits are also in good shape just showing minor service wear. The flap pockets have velcro fastenings and the left sleeve carries a further pocket, pen holder, etc. This is an extremely comfortable and original flight jacket in a good size and not often encountered here in the UK. A Recent Sale
RAAF Flying Suit NSN 8415 66 144 3908 - Click for the bigger picture Sold RAAF Flying Suit NSN 8415 66 144 3908 - Fully badged, named to Mick Stone and complete with RAAF Pilot's Brevet. Rank bars attached to shoulder epaulettes together with an Australian flag. A fine woven 75 squadron is attached to the right chest. 75 were based at Tindal in the Northern Territories, being formed in WWII and served in Iraq in 2003 flying F/A Hornets. This suit is sized 105L and is dated 2005. In excellent issued condition. A Recent Sale
Airforce 3/4 Length Flying Coat - Click for the bigger picture Sold Airforce 3/4 Length Flying Coat - A fine example in black leather with a fur collar and blanket lined. The style is reminiscent of flying coats used by early aviators in WWI, although we believe this example to be later. It is fitted with pebble finished brass buttons which are marked on the reverse C.C.Sporrong Stockholm and as this company made buttons and badges for the Swedish Armed Forces, we have deduced that this is where the coat originated from. Clearly if any visitors can give us a more definite identification, we will happily add this to the description. The only label we can find is sewn to the interior lining and the only readable information is a large number 1. The coat incorporates two flat pockets and a half belt to the rear and would be ideal for re-enactment, period flying or a superb windproof coat for open driving. It is in beautiful original condition with no faults and we would estimate it would fit up to a 44" chest (112 cm). A Recent Sale
RAAF Wing Commander's Tropical Tunic - Click for the bigger picture Sold RAAF Wing Commander's Tropical Tunic - Complete with King's Crown RAAF Pilot's brevet, Wing Commander's lace and complete with belt. Correct King's Crown buttons, maker's label named to E. J. Howard Pty Ltd. and clearly dated 1940. Appears to have the initials R.N.L., so could be researched. Chest size c.38" (92 cm.) A Recent Sale
Bulgarian Air Force Winter Flying Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold Bulgarian Air Force Winter Flying Suit - This example is made to a superb specification, in extremely soft suede leather with a full fur lining. This suit is similar to the Luftwaffe WWII winter Fliegerkombi for arctic conditions and often called the "Bavarian suit". Crested buttons to front and while it has minor storage marks, it appears to be in unissued condition. Very warm and ideal for open cockpit winter flying. Large size, to fit height 72" + (183 cm. +) A Recent Sale
1936 Pattern Flying Boots - Click for the bigger picture Sold 1936 Pattern Flying Boots - This pair is RNZAF issue and are based upon the standard RAF 1936 pattern. They feature a black chrome leather upper with fleece lining and a leather tightening strap and buckle across the "V" shaped front opening. This variant does not have the internal leather pulls associated with the RAF boot. The top of the left leg is embossed NZ40 3246. This appears to be the RNZAF issue number, although it could be the owner's service number. The boots show some service use with mothing to the internal fur and they have been resoled at some stage. We cannot see a size marked, but they appear to be about a UK 8, Continental 42, US 8 1/2. A Recent Sale
WWII Japanese Winter Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold WWII Japanese Winter Flight Suit - A superb example of this rare flying suit finished in woven fabric with a full fur lining and collar. The suit carries a small pocket with signs of electrical wiring and is complete with waistbelt which is often missing. All zips are original. It even has provision for attaching the short version of the tachi sword which was symbolically carried in flight. The suit has a stitched repair to the breast pocket and some service wear, but overall it is an extremely nice example. A Recent Sale
Japanese Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture Sold Japanese Flying Jacket - WWII, in beige cloth with fur lining. Chest size 42" (107 cm), complete with original insignia and Japanese writing to storm flap. A Recent Sale
Summer Flying Suit - Click for the bigger picture Sold Summer Flying Suit - Australian Air Force, WWII. This is an un-issued example -, it even has the manufacturer's paper label attached to the front. The interior label reads "N91 1942 Size 2 Made in Australia". This suit is very similar in design to the early pattern RAF Sidcot, but with buttons replacing the zip closures. A near perfect example to display in your RAAF collection – or it is ready to take to the air after 62 years! A Recent Sale
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