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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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HMS Rodney Napkin Ring - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Rodney Napkin Ring - A Nelson-class battleships and named after Admiral Lord Rodney. The Nelsons were the only British battleship with 16 inch guns, and the only ones to carry all the main armament forward of the superstructure. Commissioned in 1927, Rodney served extensively in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean during World War II. She played a major role in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941. Like HMS Emerald, Rodney took part in the Normandy landings, including several coastal bombardments. In poor condition from heavy use and lack of refits, she was scrapped in 1948. Our napkin ring carries a fine enamel crest and is named HMS Rodney. The ring is marked EPNS. The silver plate is showing some age wear to the reverse but looks fine when viewed from the front on display. Measures 2" (5.5 cm)
Royal Navy Cigarette case - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Cigarette case - This example features a Royal Navy crest to the front with a Kings Crown and fouled anchor below. The engine tuned case if chrome plated and carries an oblong plaque on the front for initials or name to be engraved but this has never been done. The spring catch enables the case to be opened. The interior carries and elastic strap to hold the cigarettes in place (Senor Service of course! and the inside carries a gold effect finish. No makers details od date but believe it dates to WWII. Measures 4.5" x 3.5" (11 cm x 9 cm) Please check out the other military cigarette cases we are also listing today. £28.00
Royal Navy White Ensign and Flagstaff - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy White Ensign and Flagstaff - We purchased this item from the same Naval family as the Red Ensign which was have also listed today. This is a genuine Naval 'White Duster' which is complete with original coir rope. The flagstaff is made from oak with a varnish finish and would appear to have been reduced in length at some stage. Sadly we have no history with it so are unable to say on what ship it originally came from but judging by its size we suspect a smaller vessel such as an Admiral's barge. The ensign, which is in good clean issued condition, is an ideal display size measuring 35" x 18" (89 cm x 46 cm). The flagstaff is 48" (122 cm)
Special Forces Canoe Compass Pattern 9628 - Click for the bigger picture SoldSpecial Forces Canoe Compass Pattern 9628 - Whilst we have had a great variety of naval compasses over the years this is the first dedicated canoe example we have ever seen! This comes complete with its Royal Navy issue deck box marked to the lid 'Delicate Instrument Handle with Great Care', whilst to the front is stencilled 'Canoe Compass Patt 9628'. Inside the box the compass is attached to a cushioned base board and it would appear to have been intended to have been used within the box, which makes sense seeing the very limited space available within a military canoe for instrumentation! The compass, which is finished in matt black paint, is marked 'Serial nos 6916/BHS/214' as well as 'Compass Patt 9228' and a further plaque simply marked TP.The bezel is marked N, E, S, W as well as degrees from 0-360. The bezel can be freed by a locking lever fitted at the 2 o'clock position and can be rotated to indicate a set course and re locked. The compass card swings freely and whilst for sale as a collectable seems to be in good working order. Seeing we have no previous experience of this pattern we can only assume it was intended to be used by SAS and SBS Special Forces canoe sections. The instrument is undated but we feel it is of post WWII issue but we stand to be corrected! Case measures 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm) whilst the compass has a diameter of 5" (13 cm)
6 Spoke Teak Bulkhead Ships Wheel and Mount - Click for the bigger picture Sold6 Spoke Teak Bulkhead Ships Wheel and Mount - This one looks exactly as it did when it came out of service! The wheel is made from teak with chromed brass banding and central hub and still fixed to its back plate, drum, wheel mount, spindle and gipsy. This example does not have any makers details but is of a similar design to those made by quality manufacturer Simpson Lawrence. Whilst for sale as a marine collectable the wheel looks to be 100% sound and subject to a full inspection we see no reason why it should not go back to sea. For display purposes in a marine themed room or collection the back board mount can easily be removed. The wheel diameter is 20" (51 cm.)
HMS Anson George V Class Battleship Wheel - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Anson George V Class Battleship Wheel - HMS Anson was a King George V class battleship of the Royal Navy, named after Admiral George Anson. Designed to counter the perceived threat from Nazi Germany, five ships of this class were commissioned: HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Duke of York, HMS Howe and HMS Anson. When her keel was laid down at Swan Hunter, Tyne & Wear in 1937 she was to be called HMS Jellicoe but when launched in 1940 the name was changed to Anson. She displaced 42, 600 tons, was 745 feet long and had a beam of 130 feet. She had a top speed in excess of 27 knots and her main armament was 10 x 14 inch Mk VII guns. HMS Anson was commissioned in 1942 and won Battle Honours in one of the toughest marine environments of WWII, serving in the Arctic 1942-43. Post war, she was the flagship for the 1st Battle Squadron of the British Pacific Fleet and was finally scrapped at Faslane with the surviving ships of her class in 1957/8. This classic six spoke solid teak wheel is engraved on the central brass hub Brown Brothers & Co Ltd Rosebank Edinburgh and is numbered on the reverse 2437. It carries riveted brass banding front and back which has been hand engraved HMS Anson and below the vessel launch date 1940, as well as her Battle Honours Arctic 1942-43. The king post is fitted with a brass thimble to provide a visual indication for the helmsman. The provenance of this wheel is that it was acquired by marine collector extraordinaire Tom Ferrers Walker when Anson was scrapped and was displayed in his collection until his death. It was subsequently purchased directly from his estate and has never been offered on the open market before. Genuine battleship memorabilia hardly every turn up and we are privileged in having acquired this piece of Royal Navy history. Measures 36" diameter (93 cm)
Name Box from Italian Cruiser Luigi Cadorna - Click for the bigger picture SoldName Box from Italian Cruiser Luigi Cadorna - An Italian Condottieri-class light cruiser, which was launched on 30 September 1931 with a crew numbering 507. The ship was named after Italian Field Marshal Luigi Cadorna who was commander in Chief of the Italian Army during World War I. She served with the Regia Marina during Spanish Civil War and in April 1939 she participated in the occupation of Albania. When World War II broke out she was a part of the 4th Cruiser division and saw action in various theatres. On 9th September 1943 she sailed to Malta to surrender to the allies. For the remainder of the war she was used as a transport ship by the Allies and for the repatriation of Italian troops. In 1947 she was one of the few ships to remain in the Italian Navy where she was used as a training ship. After a long and varied career she was finally scrapped in 1951. We have no idea if our box was used on board or the brass plaque was recovered from the cruiser when she was scrapped and made up as a piece of trench art by a crew member. The ships name Cadorna is very finely cut into the brass in a deco style. The box is nicely made in oak and has an opening rear door and measures 12" X 5.5" x 4.5" (31 cm x13.5 cm x11 cm). A most unusual, decorative and scarce souvenir from a capital ship of the Regina Marina.
Royal Navy White Ensign - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy White Ensign - A small but beautifully formed example of the Navy's famous 'White Duster'. This is made from applied stitched sections of cotton as opposed to the printed version and comes complete with wood toggle tie and flying line. In excellent issued condition. Measures 35" x 17" (89 cm x 43 cm) so an ideal display size for a nautical collection or themed room.
HMS Boxer Name Board - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Boxer Name Board - Boxer was the very first of the Batch 2 Type 22 frigates of the Royal Navy of the 'Boxer' class. She was built at Yarrow and launched in 1981 and commissioned in December 1983 with pennant number F 92 and at an estimated build cost was £147, 000, 000. Her nickname in service was 'The Billy B' or 'Pinocchio', due to her extended bows. She was decommissioned on 4 August 1999 and expended as a target in the Western Approaches August 2004 after a comparatively short service career. Fortunately her name boards were removed first! This example is one of a pair which would have been mounted on either side of the vessel aft of the bridge. The board is exactly as it was when the ship came out of service and is made from varnished hardwood with a solid brass back plate and heavy hanging points to mount on the ship. The Boxer lettering is in brass and stand proud in relief, picked out in red paint. The board shows the odd sign of service use but is an excellent unrestored example. It measures 37" x 9.5" (92 cm x 23 cm).It also weighs in at a hefty 14.3 kilos so please check delivery costs with us before ordering! A one off chance to own one of the most desirable souvenirs from this fine ship!
Trinity House Totland Bay Pilot Station Sign Board - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrinity House Totland Bay Pilot Station Sign Board - Manufactured from hardwood (probably teak) with a varnished finish and recessed lettering picked out in red paint. Totland Bay pier, situation on the Isle of Wight off Southern England was built in 1881 and acted as a landing stage for steamers. In WWI it became a military look out station and in WWII was sectioned for fear of a German invasion. In 1971 it was purchased by Trinity House for £10, 000 for use as a base for TH pilot boats. In 1978 the pier was damaged by fire and closed. Our sign is a unique souvenir that will appeal to Trinity House collectors or to those with associations with Totland Bay. Measures: 29" x 15" (78 cm x 38 cm)
Massive Royal Navy White Ensign - Click for the bigger picture SoldMassive Royal Navy White Ensign - Unlike the other flags and pennants we have listed today this one is a monster! We are advised it was issued to the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and was removed as a 'souvenir' after winning Battle Honours at Al Faw as part of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' in 2003. The Ark was sadly decommissioned in 2011 and is currently being broken up for scrap near Izmir, Turkey. Looking at the size this story seems entirely likely with the ensign measuring 12' x 6' (366 cm x 183 cm).It was made by Zephyr Flags and Banners, Midland Road, Thrapston, Northants and looks to be dated 1999. The flag is fitted with ingfield clips and brass attachment points. It has minor storage marks on the cotton but overall in excellent and possibly unflown condition. Space did not allow us to photograph unfolded for the site but please contact us for further pictures showing it in all its glory!
Gimballed Wardroom Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldGimballed Wardroom Lamp - Admiralty pattern, wall or desk mounting, heavy brass construction.
Ship's Bookcase in Mahagony and Marine Ply - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Bookcase in Mahagony and Marine Ply - When purchased we were advised this bookcase was originally fitted to an RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch and recovered when the vessel was scrapped; painted on the back is the number 1491. In good original condition but could possible benefit from sanding and revarnishing. Measures 22.5" x 15.5" (58 cm x 39 cm)
Royal Navy Decca Navigator Mk 12 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Decca Navigator Mk 12 - This superb item of equipment appears to be in factory fresh condition and when we opened the transit case we found a label issued by the Naval Weapons Production Overseer, signed and dated November 1967, when we were all enjoying the swinging 60's and the Bee Gees had their first No1 chart hit with 'Massachusetts'! The Decca system of navigation used low frequency radio signals which allowed both aircraft and ships to locate their positions accurately. It was first tested and employed in WWII and was employed in preparations for the D Day landings. Post war it was used commercially (mainly by fishing vessels) and by the Royal Navy, where this units comes from. The system made huge profits for Decca who insisted the equipment and support system could only be rented annually. Decca finally ceased operation in UK waters in March 2000 and the same job is now carried out by the GPS system. While this unit looks to be in working order it is for sales a collectible and an example of mid 20th century cutting edge technology. Ideal for the specialist Royal Navy or marine collector, or simply as an impressive designer piece with lots of dials and switches to play with and impress your friends! This instrument must have cost the British tax payer a fortune to produce but is on sale here for a small fraction of the original cost. Grab it while you can as a never to be repeated opportunity to own and historic Decca Navigator. 17" x 11.5" x 10.5" (43 cm x 27 cm x 29 cm)
Royal Navy Model Torpedo on Stand - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Model Torpedo on Stand - this example is beautifully made in solid metal, sitting on a mahogany fitted base with the Royal navy Submarine Service logo in front. I have no history with this one but speculate it represents on of the Navy's more modern torpedo's..perhaps Tigerfish ? If any visitors to the site with more knowledge than us please drop us a line and we can update the description. Suffice to say this is a beautifully executed model and would sit very happy on an Old Salt's Desk of book shelf! Torpedo measures 8" (20 cm)
Ship's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Electric Gimbal Lamp - A solid brass example with an attractive weighted gimbal and marked AP9009. This lamp could be used on a table or mounted on a bulkhead or wall in a horizontal position. While not dated this pattern was in service with the Royal Navy in WWII. The lamp has been recently rewired and is complete with a 13 amp plug. This example would date to the early 20th century. Height 13.5" (34 cm)
HMS Undine Royal Navy Life Ring - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Undine Royal Navy Life Ring - An original example from the U Class Destroyer launched in 1943 and adopted by the town of Windermere. She won battle honours in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Normandy Landings and Okinawa. She was finally broken up in 1965 when the ring was recovered and formed part of the famous Ferrers Walker Collection. The condition could be described as "shabby chic" with some wear to the transfers, although the ship's crest featuring a mermaid diving into the sea is still clearly visible. Measures 31" (79 cm)
'Mariner' Ship's Life Ring - Click for the bigger picture Sold'Mariner' Ship's Life Ring - A good genuine example with an applied transfer indicating the ship's name with the number 65 painted below. The life ring features a stitched canvas cover and coir rope surround which is a little flakey with one bound repair but fine for display purposes. Measures 31" diameter (79 cm)
HMS Alert Vice Admiral's Gong - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Alert Vice Admiral's Gong - This superb brass gong was probably made up to commemorate Alert entering service in October 1946. She was originally laid down as Loch Scamdale, then the name was changed to Dundrum Bay but finally named HMS Alert, pennant number K 647. She was a Bay Class frigate and was referred to as an Admiralty Yacht for command and gunboat diplomacy duties in the Mediterranean and Far Eastern stations. In service she was always referred to as 'The C in C's Yacht! She spent much of her service life in the Far East and won Battle Honours in the Korean War in 1951 as well as taking part in 'Operation Grapple', the first UK nuclear weapons test at Christmas Island in 1957. She was finally laid up in Plymouth in 1964 and scrapped in 1971. Our gong is finely worked in brass and as well as the ship's name, is engraved with the date 3rd October, 1946 and below a Vice Admiral's Ensign picked out in coloured paint. The gong was acquired through an ex Royal Navy family although we don't have any direct provenance with it but we assume would have been used in the Officers' Mess on board. The gong has a superb deep tone and would serve again today just as it clearly did throughout its service life. This is an absolutely unique piece of Royal Navy memorabilia - a real one off! Diameter of the gong is 17" (43 cm) and is 2" deep (5 cm) it weighs in at 8 kilos so please check shipping costs to your destination before ordering!
Superb Antique Sideboard/Dresser from a Gentleman's Yacht - Click for the bigger picture SoldSuperb Antique Sideboard/Dresser from a Gentleman's Yacht - Please note we have just reduced the price of this gorgeous item of furniture by a massive 35% as the owner needs the space, so grab a bargain while you can! It is both practical and decorative and while probably not unique, we suspect you would be hard pressed to find another to match it. This is a family item which we are marketing on behalf of the owners. It was purchased many years ago in the port of Falmouth, Cornwall. Sadly we have no specific history with it but the current owner was told it was removed from a gentleman's yacht. It is made from solid mahogany with 9 drawers, 2 of which are deep cellarette, both drawers with room to store up to 18 bottle of the captain's favourite grog! It also features a central cellarette cupboard with 3 shelves. A row of 3 top drawers surmount 6 smaller drawers which have brass handles and dove tailed joints. The base features 3 trap door style compartments which we are told would have given access to the bilges. The top of the dresser features a brass fiddle rail to prevent the loss of plates and glasses in a rolling sea. A wonderful hidden feature of this stunning item is the rear mirror which operates in the fashion of a sash window and glides down on a weight and pulley system to provide access to a serving hatch that separated the saloon from the galley when in service. This item is currently in Cornwall and ideally we would prefer collection by the purchaser but UK delivery may be possible by separate negotiation. It is extremely heavy, as you would expect for a piece of this quality but it will disassemble for transit. You certainly won't find one of these in Ikea! Width 54" (137 cm), depth 26" (67 cm), height to work surface 39" (99 cm), height to top of mirror 75" (190 cm)
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