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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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WAAF Flight Officers Tunic and Skirt - Click for the bigger picture SoldWAAF Flight Officers Tunic and Skirt - Another scarce WAAF uniform that exudes originality. The tunic carries a makers label to the inside pocket indicting it was tailored by Hector Power of Regent Street, London W1. The label is also named to the original owner who was a A.B.O Keetle; below the name is printed 16/5001 and a date 4/8/42. We have no service history to go with this uniform but it could no doubt be researched. The tunic carries rank lace to a Flight Officer but with a variation in the colour of the two rings so clearly indication when Section Officer Keetle was made up to 'Flight' rank (which corresponds to the male rank of Flight Lieutenant).The jacket is in excellent original condition with just the odd snag commensurate with service wear but it has fortunately more or less avoided the ravishes of the dreaded moth. It carries a pair of original 'A' lapel badges indication Ms Keetle was a volunteer and is fitted with brass Kings Crown buttons by Gaunt of London. The belt shows minor wear caused by the buckle prongs as you would expect. The matching skirt is again in a similar condition with a side zip fitted to the waist band. Interestingly it looks as though the waist has been taken in at some stage ; judging by the small tunic size this would indicate Flight Officer Keetle was of a modest disposition! In view of the size constraints in the 21st century we believe this one deserves a place in a museum or aviation collection although we have just listed other uniforms which may be more suited for re enactor's purposes. Examples of genuine wartime issue WAAF uniforms are now very scarce and we don't anticipate this one being with us for long. If any visitors to the site can add any of Flight Officer Keetle's service history we would be delighted to add this to our description.
RAF Type H Oxygen Mask - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Type H Oxygen Mask - First issued in early 1944 the H mask replaced the earlier G pattern and it remained in RAF service, with minor modifications, for the remainder of the 20th century. This example Stores Reference 6D/2244098 is broad arrow marked and was manufactured in March 1985 by MSA (Britain) ltd and has never been issued. When purchased it came complete in its original packaging in a sealed plastic bag with attached documentation that confirmed it was declared 'Serviceable' by 16 Maintenance Unit Stafford when last checked in December 1997! This example is marked 'Small' and is fitted with an Amplivox 13100 microphone and mint communication cord and male plug. A full elastic harness is fitted, again in unissued condition, with snaps and clips to use with RAF C, D & E pattern flying helmets as well as the later G. The harness also features the reversible 'quick connect' loops for use with the later metal oxygen mask hooks. If the mask is required without the elastic webbing harness please contact us for a separate price. Despite now bring 30 years old this example is effectively mint and boxed and is in factory fresh condition inside and out. Like all items offered on the site this is for sale as a collectable only, although subject to the correct checks we feel it is highly likely it is still in working condition but we can't guarantee this. These masks are no longer in production so grab the opportunity now to purchase one of the last genuine 'mint and boxed' examples whilst our very limited stocks remain.
Luftwaffe LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube Flying Helmet - this classic mesh flying helmet which has become synonymous with Luftwaffe fighter pilots in WWII. This example has a manufacturers label coded bxo indicating it was made by Deutsche Telphonwerke und Kabelindustrie AG, Berlin SO 36. The size stamp is 57 and hand written inside the crown is the name Hans Schmidt as well as D.F.L. which could be the initials of another owner. The helmet is in well used condition with a crack in the leather receiver housing on the left side whilst the netting is generally in very good shape. This example features tan leather receiver cups and provision for the Luftwaffe two point oxygen mask and is therefore an early pattern. This is reconfirmed by the throat microphones which are also marked bxo and Ln 26779-3 and are the earlier issue round type. The helmet carries the short communication cord favoured by fighter pilots but is interestingly fitted with what we believe to be a Russian issue 4 point communication plug and lead. This has clearly been retro fitted but can not establish if it was perhaps captured and subsequently used by a Russian airman or if the plug and cord has been replaced at a later date. We speculate this helmet may have been wreck recovered which would explain the damage mentioned and might explain the fitment of the Russian plug. We have seen cleaner helmets but this example still displays very well and is on offer at an entry level price.
Air Ministry Type 35 No 1 Photo Reconnaissance Camera Control Unit - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Ministry Type 35 No 1 Photo Reconnaissance Camera Control Unit - Designed to work in conjunction with the F24 camera, first introduced in 1925 used by British and Allied armed forces during WWII and post war. The F 24 was installed in a wide variety of fighters and bomber aircraft including the PRU Spitfire, the Lancaster and the Mosquito. It was set up to work on the"robot" principle. When the pilot or bomb-aimer presses a button, the rest can be safely left to the T.35 control unit, an ingenious device which can control a whole series of operations—from a 500 exposure reconnaissance requiring exposures at regular intervals, to the synchronisation of the flash explosion of bomb bursts during an operation. Our unit comes complete with in a fitted storage case marked with an Air Ministry metal plaque confirming Stores Ref nos 14A/1007 (for case) and 14A/943 for the unit. Interestingly the unit appears to have been modified in service and the original stores reference nos ground out and a revised number 14A/3383 added. The instrument itself looks to be in good used condition and still has connecting wires attached so it looks like it has definitely seen service. The top dial can be set to the interval in seconds for the exposures from 5 to 50 seconds The bottom dial controls the number of exposures with a scale from 1 to 125. The unit is marked 24 volts and whilst not dated we believe this to be from the late WWII period or early post war as the T.35 remained in use until the mid 1950's when it was fitted to such aircraft as the Canberra. Whilst we are offering as a collectable and can't guarantee it still works it looks to be in first class condition. The Photo Reconnaissance Unit of the RAF is often undervalued but the PRU boys carried out a critical function often in unarmed aircraft. This controller would make a wonderful addition to a specialist or general RAF collection. Box measures 9.5" x 5.5" (24.5 cm x 13.5 cm) The unit weighs 2.5 kilos unpacked so please check for a delivered price before ordering!
This is a Used Book
Marching or Flying by Night Without a Compass - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarching or Flying by Night Without a Compass

We spotted this modest volume on our travels recently and could not resist it! A very interesting and informative book by Colonel W.A.Tilney, first published in 1915, to aid both soldiers and aviators to find their way home when caught behind enemy lines or over enemy territory. Entitled "Marching or Flying by Night Without a Compass " this soft back example is the 11th edition published in 1940 when no doubt WWII aviators and ground troops found it equally useful in the days long before GPS! It is in very good used condition and is named on the cover to E.P.Jones. It includes a 'Timetable of Directional Stars' for every month of the year and can be used between Latitudes 40 Degrees North - 55 Degrees North. In the introduction Col Tilney states 'On the conclusion of hostilities in the Great war after the system had been tried and tested hundreds of men serving under my command owe their lives and liberty to this simple process'! The booklet contains fold out maps at the back showing stars in the north and south end of the heavenly dome as well as summer, autumn winter and spring direction stars as per the photographs. Would enhance any collection. Measures 6" x 3.5" (15 cm x 9 cm)

Pages: 57
Cover: Soft
Author: Colonel W.A.Tilney

RAF Message Streamer - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Message Streamer - We have occasionally managed to source examples of RFC message streamers, but this one is unusual in that it is Air Ministry marked so this one clearly dates from after the formation of the RAF in 1918. These double tail streamers were used for dropping written messages from aircrew in the days before radio communications. The streamer created drag thus reducing the speed of the message bag as it fell to the ground and the long colourful tail made location and pick up on the ground simpler. The business end is stamped with a Kings Crown, A.M. and the manufacturers number B27575/39/C.I. (C) which surprisingly seems to date it to 1939! The other unusual thing about this example is instead of containing pig iron for weighting purposes the sealed compartment appears to contain sand. On the opposite side is a press stud closing flap to enable to message to be secured within the streamer. The condition is excellent and the colours crisp and only fault is a couple of very small moth nibbles which hardly notice. Measures 56" (142 cm)
Emergency Seat Pack Rubber Water Cushion - Click for the bigger picture SoldEmergency Seat Pack Rubber Water Cushion - this example is fitted within a zipped canvas pouch stamped Stores ref 27C/2134 'Jecco'. This company was founded in Bournemouth in 1926 under the name John E Clarke and Company Ltd, a coach and car trimming business designing car hoods, coachworks and other products and was contractor to the Air Ministry in WWII. The zip (by Dot) is in working order and by opening reveals the water cushion inside. The cushion has a metal plug for filling and emptying (marked 27) in the corner of the cushion. The cap retention chain is in place but no longer attached to the cap. The cushion is complete although the rubber is somewhat dried with minor cracking to edges and can no longer be guaranteed for its original purpose but back in WWII would literally have been a life saver to aircrew who crashed in the desert or at sea! It is faintly stamped with Stores Ref nos 27C/2138.
Coverfall Flyers Summer Spec MIL-C-831141A - Click for the bigger picture SoldCoverfall Flyers Summer Spec MIL-C-831141A - The suit is fully badged with German flag and rank bars to shoulders and with a large name badge to left chest featuring a Tornedo fighter bomber with Feldmann below and in addition P. Kallweit. Further badge to opposite chest marked Air Training Command and further badges on either sleeve. The suit is marked 38S and is in good issued condition.
NATO E-3A Operations Wing Stein Mug - Click for the bigger picture SoldNATO E-3A Operations Wing Stein Mug - A half litre pottery example with a transfer badge to the front marked with the above mentioned details together with Geilenkirchen - Germany. The side of the mug is embossed with the capacity of 0.5L. In excellent condition.
Altenstadt/00B Glazed Stein Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldAltenstadt/00B Glazed Stein Tankard - This example features an aluminium cover and a transfer to the front showing half an eagle and a parachute logo. Below the shield is marked Luftland - Lufttransportschule. No capacity is marked but appears to be 0.5L size. In excellent original condition.
This is a Used Book
Knight's Cross Holders of the Afrika Korps - Click for the bigger picture SoldKnight's Cross Holders of the Afrika Korps

In excellent condition and complete with dust cover. This volume was published in 1996 and details all of the Knight's Cross Holders of the Afrika Korps as well as the Wehrmacht personnel who served in the North African campaign. Each recipient is given a complete page as well as a full page WWII era photograph.

Pages: 351
Cover: Hard
Author: Franz Kurowski

Royal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Fully badged to 322 squadron (Polly Parrot) with Dutch motto translated "Don't talk but Act". 322 operated F-16 fighters. The right arm has a Frisian flag badge. This is the largest live firing exercise in the Netherlands and is flown from Leeuwarn base. The suit is in good issued condition.
USAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Manufactured in fire resistant Indian orange and made by Kings Point Mfg. The size is marked at 38S. A woven badge is attached to the right breast with a 101 squadron seagull badge (often referred to as dumpster duck) and 102 fighter wing badge to right arm. Captain's shoulder bars are attached. In good issued condition.
German Dark Grey Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Dark Grey Flight Suit - With rank badges and national flags to shoulders and 38 fighter bomber badge to right chest and a scorpion badge to left. On the right shoulder is a further badge named Scorpions and below Frisian reaction force. The suit is manufactured by Marquardt & Schulz and is dated 1987. Size is marked Gr10. In good issued condition.
German Olive Green Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit - With national flag and rank epaulettes. Named on left chest Altena Timo with image of a MBB Bolkow BO105 helicopter. A further BO105 helicopter badge to right arm. The suit is made by Marquardt & Schulz and is dated 1987. The suit is Gr7. In good issued condition.
German Olive Green Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit - With rank and national flags to shoulders. Right chest has badge to 251 Fliegende Abteilung with further badge of a unicorn, pen and 251. The right sleeve has a badge with a CH53 Sea Stallion heavy lift helicopter (Sikorsky S-65). Marked size Gr1 and dated 1987. In good issued condition.
German Olive Green Flight Suit 0/B54A/G0065/F4438 - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit 0/B54A/G0065/F4438 - With rank insignia and national flags to shoulders and a badge to the right chest with Apache helicopter and a tiger image. Further insignia to the right arm. The suit is size Gr2 and is dated 1987. In good issued condition.
German Olive Green Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit - Rank tabs to epaulettes and national flags to shoulders and a wasp badge is fixed to the right chest whilst the right arm carries a MBB Balkow B0105 helicopter. We also found a further helicopter chest badge in the front pocket (not shown in the photograph). Size is marked as Gr6 and is dated 1988. Good issued condition.
German Grey Fabric Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Grey Fabric Flight Suit - Rank bars and national flags to shoulders. Badge to left chest featuring Mig 29, dated 2004 with further badge to right arm marked Fulcrum Farewell USA 2003. Mig 29's entered Luftwaffe service after German reunification in 1990. This suit is dated 1987 and is sized Gr6. In good issued condition.
German Air Force Grey Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Air Force Grey Flight Suit - Manufactured by Marquardt & Schulz and dated 1986. Rank insignia and national flags to shoulders. Named to Schmidt with a badge below embroidered Flugbereitschaft BMVg. A further badge to the right breast marked A310 MedEvac. This unit flew humanitarian missions using the A310 aircraft. Size is marked GR1
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