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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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RAF Hullavington Presertation Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Hullavington Presertation Tankard - Engraved to front 'Presented to the Officers Mess Hullavington by No. 2 E.C.F.S. Course October 1942'. Hullavington in Wiltshire opened as a flying training school in 1942. A new unit termed the Empire Central Flying School (ECFS) was formed and on 15th July, 1942 no. 2 course flying Blenheim V's started. It was customary to present a gift to the officers mess on completion of the course and clearly that it where this tankard then served. It is marked on the base Walker & Hall, Sheffield, 1 pint capacity. RAF Hullavington closed in 1965. If our tankard could talk, it would clearly have some tales to tell!
Spitfire Skin Relic - Click for the bigger picture SoldSpitfire Skin Relic - A framed and glazed section of metal taken from original Spitfire aircraft during restoration. This is embossed Spitfire serial number N3200 type F Mk I. We do not know the actual airframe this relic came from but still a very attractive display item. Frame measures 9.5" x 7.5" (24 cm x 20 cm)
Supermarine Spitfire Head Armour Plate - Click for the bigger picture SoldSupermarine Spitfire Head Armour Plate - This is a replica of the steel armour plate introduced in February 1940 for the protection of the pilot's head. In addition to this the pilot also had an armour plate to protect his back and further armour for protection of the glycol tank. This item has been copied from an original but is for display purposed only or for a static cockpit project. Measures 22" x 16" (56 cm x 42 cm) and weighs 8.2kg unpacked, so please check delivery costs with us before ordering.
Molders Squadron Copper Plate & Assorted Ephemera - Click for the bigger picture SoldMolders Squadron Copper Plate & Assorted Ephemera - JG74 Squadron received the honourary Molders name in 1973 but was subsequently withdrawn from use in 1998. The plate which is an impressive 11" (28 cm) in diameter features the Molders Squadron badge in the central section with a hammered effect edge. The assorted ephemera which comes with this item is in a Molders Squadron folder which is in rather distressed condition. The contents include 10 pages of bound black and white photographs with German titles below which feature senior officers, ME109 aircraft, veterans and the unveiling of a memorial named to Wilhelm Frankl 1893-1917. In addition there are newspaper cuttings describing the same event and a further dated 22nd November, 1973 giving information on Wilhelm Frankl and Werner Molders with the history of JG74. There is other photocopied documentation all in German, including letters and reports related to the squadron.
Spitfire X 4473 & Messerschmitt BF109E Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldSpitfire X 4473 & Messerschmitt BF109E Crash Relics - Mounted in a glazed frame with information concerning both aircraft. The Spitfire served with 58 OTU and was lost near Cardiff 14.07.43. The 109 flew with 3 Jagdgeschwader 51 (Molders Unit) and was shot down on 27th November, 1940 crashing near Iden Green, Kent. Frame measures 15" x 12" (38 cm x 30 cm)
Trench Art Jewelery or Trinket Box - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Jewelery or Trinket Box - Beautifully made using timber taken from a laminated wooden propeller. The unknown hand that made this piece certainly had excellent woodwork skills and it is far superior to most we see. With close fitting lid and velvet lined interior. Probably dates to WWI. Measures 8" (20 cm) long.
Harvard I & II Spade Grip AH2242 - Click for the bigger picture SoldHarvard I & II Spade Grip AH2242 - A classic example of a WWII RAF spade grip which is similar in many ways to an early Spitfire example but as the Harvard had toe operated brakes, there was no requirement for a brake lever or guide plates. Both hydrolic pipes are in place and the gun button, finished in alloy rather than brass, works as intended. In original black paint with a near perfect grip cover, it would be hard to find a more original example.
RFC Mk V Aviator's Panel Watch - Click for the bigger picture SoldRFC Mk V Aviator's Panel Watch - This example is marked on the dial 30 hour non luminous Mk V and maker code is B.K. and numbered 5787. B.K. indicates this instrument was manufactured by Electra. The reverse of the case is engraved with the RFC property mark of an A with a broad arrow below. This device was used on RFC watches between 1914 - 1917. The watch is in running order although we cannot guarantee its accuracy and on sale as a collectable. The enamel dial has repaired damage at the 10 o'clock position but generally a good example from the early days of aviation with a clean case and excellent crystal.
RAF 'Scramble Bell' dated 1942 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF 'Scramble Bell' dated 1942 - An original example of the larger size which also features a most impressive King's Crown, AM and dated 1942. We purchased this bell privately in Devon, South West England but sadly have no provenance as to where it served. The crown hanger is stamped R.O. and carries the remains of the original red paint. This bell is made from nickel silver and the knocks on the outside indicate it has certainly seen service. As often the case, the original clapper is missing but we will supply with a modern brass replacement. The ultimate item for the serious RAF collector. Measures 12" (30 cm) and weighs c.20kg without packaging so please check with us before ordering.
Molders Squadron Beer Stein - Click for the bigger picture SoldMolders Squadron Beer Stein - Embossed to the front with the Molders Squadron logo and below Jagdgeschwader 74 "M" and below Neuburg - Donau. This example is fitted with an aluminium cover which has been engraved with the date 20.04.1969. The capacity is marked at 0.5L. There is some crazing to the finishing glaze but a fine example to an extremely collectable squadron. The Molders name was withdrawn from use on 74 squadron in 1998.
Luftwaffe Grey Leather Flight Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Grey Leather Flight Jacket - National flag and rank bars to sleeves. Badge to right breast with Molders Squadron badge and 742 Fis Zapata below and on left breast a similar example featuring an aircraft with Roving Sands below. Orange fabric high visibility interior lining. Knits all is good condition. The issue label indicates manufactured by Modeka JMBH and dated 5/88. Size is marked GR12 which we estimate would fit a chest size 42" (107 cm)
RAF Periscoptic Sextant Mk IIA, model no. 6B/434-3796 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Periscoptic Sextant Mk IIA, model no. 6B/434-3796 - This example comes complete with a fitted transit case, appears to date from 1961 and was manufactured by Kelvin Hughes. Complete with cables. These instruments carried a 3 volt system for the lamp and a 24 volt system for the heater. They were used on pressurised aircraft such as the RAF V Bomber Force and enabled the navigator to establish the aircraft's true position when other navigation aids were unavailable. In good issued condition although we cannot guarantee the instrument is in working order or air worthy! Case measures 18" (46 cm)
German Air Force Orange Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Air Force Orange Flight Suit - Manufactured by H. B. Mader GMBH and dated 3/77. National flags and rank insignia attached to shoulders. Squadron attached to right breast with a further unidentified badge numbered 351 to right arm. The size is marked 13, numerous zip pockets and leather clip attachments to knees.
Aircraft Control Grip from North American T-6 Texan - Click for the bigger picture SoldAircraft Control Grip from North American T-6 Texan - This aircraft was also known as the Harvard while in RAF service as an advanced trainer. This grip is in good original condition, although the pneumatic tubes have been cut. The metalwork is sound and the grip cover is in excellent shape. This aircraft, as well as being an advanced trainer, could also be fitted with a.30 machine gun for gunnery training. The grip is therefore fitted with a round brass gun button with a rotating safety catch in good working order. The item is stamped with AH2242 and CGO9684. This was previously used with a brake level fitted on my replica Spitfire cockpit section but as I now have an original Spit grip, this one is now looking for a new home. Measures 7.5" (19 cm)
Embroidered RAF Crest - Click for the bigger picture SoldEmbroidered RAF Crest - Framed and glazed, the embroidery features the RAF crest surmounted by a King's Crown and below the legend 'Per Adua Ad Astra' meaning 'Through adversity to the Stars.' The embroidery is nicely worked and the colours are still vibrant. The cotton backer shows some stains but these do not effect the crest. Frame measures 12.5"x10.5" (32 cm x27 cm)
Bronze Sculpture of RAF Airman - Click for the bigger picture SoldBronze Sculpture of RAF Airman - A fine head and shoulders example featuring the classic pose of a fighter pilot staring towards the sky. He is wearing an RAF Irvin flying jacket, "frock" roll neck sweater and silk scarf. On his head he has a C type flying helmet, Mk VIII goggles and an H type oxygen mask. The bust is mounted on a quality marble base. We do not know who the sculpter is but he has provided a fine representation of a late war pilot. Measures 8" (20 cm).
RAF Squadron Leader's Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Squadron Leader's Pennant - The cloth is in good flown condition with minor staining. Colours are vibrant. Minor wear to the cloth edge by the rope but nothing serious. Various ink stamps, although somewhat faded. The RAF eagle shown on top left of the pennant is of leather and was designed to differentiate the Squadron Leader's pennant from the Wing Commander's. Complete with coir rope and Ingfield clips. 31" x 21" (79 cm x 53 cm)
German Air Force Light Grey Cotton Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Air Force Light Grey Cotton Flight Suit - Manufactured by MIL-TEC. Badge to left chest Phantom Fharewell RF-4E with a badge on the right breast marked Leckgaf 521 and a further badge on the right arm Last Call Leck number 52 and dated 26th August, 1993. The suit is sized 46.
Supermarine Spitfire Model Aircraft - Click for the bigger picture SoldSupermarine Spitfire Model Aircraft - Crafted from solid wood with metal undercarriage and finished in a camouflage paint scheme and RAF roundels. Judging by the blistering to the paint finish and some blackening in the underwing area, this model may have been exposed to a fire or possibly battle damage! We have no idea if this is a scratch built model or an early kit. It could well be period WWII or just post war and holes drilled in the tail and wings indicate it has spent part of its life suspended from a ceiling, possibly in a young pilot's bedroom? The Spitfire exudes period charm and is in remarkable original condition. Wing span 19" (48 cm)
Hawker Tempest JN765 Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldHawker Tempest JN765 Crash Relics - Mounted on a framed display board and includes various components officially recovered under MOD license by the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum in 1995. The aircraft of No. 3 squadron was being flown by Flying Officer George Kosh on 1st July, 1944 and was scrambled to inctercept a VI Flying Bomb. The aircraft was seen to enter low cloud but emerged in a steep dive and crashed near Winchelsea in Sussex. The pilot failed to bail out and is buried in Hawkinge. Varous air frame componenets are displayed including riveted fuselage skin and a section of the rubber dinghy. Frame measures 26" x 20" (66 cm x 51 cm)
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