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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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RAF Navigators Brevet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Navigators Brevet - A fine padded example of a Navigators half wing aircrew badge. This replaced the earlier Observer's brevet in 1942. This is the scarcer pin back example with a brass backing plate sewn onto the reverse of the badge. It is likely to have been used in conjunction with a Khaki Drill (KD) uniform and the pin back enabled it to be removed before the frequent washing necessary in the Mediterranean and Far East Theatres. A really nice example that would be impossible to upgrade. Measures 3" (8 cm)

RAF Pilot's Brevet and Medal Bar with Mentioned in Despatches Clasps - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Pilot's Brevet and Medal Bar with Mentioned in Despatches Clasps - on offer is a particularly impressive pilots padded wings grouping which is sewn to a Khaki Drill (KD) snap back cloth base and was clearly used in conjunction with Khaki Drill tunic. Sadly we don't have either the original owners name or the provenance that belongs with this piece but he clearly served with distinction in WWI and WWII as shown by his impressive medal bar. This confirms he was entitled to the 1914/15 Star, War Medal 1914/20, Victory medal with mentioned in despatches (MID), 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army clasp, (indicating he served with the 1st Army in North Africa between 8th November '42 & 23rd May '43), Italy Star (rather faded), Defence Medal and 1939-45 with a further mentioned in despatches to complete the grouping! It would be nice to speculate this anonymous Pilot served with the Royal Flying Corps in WWI and his wings were subsequently changed to the post 1918 RAF brevet at a later date but we will never know for sure.

Pilot's wings used on Khaki Drill uniforms tended to be either pin back or with snaps (as here) so these important badges could be removed before the frequent washing that was required as the dyes were known to run. These wings are in fine original condition with signs of usage but no damage, moth or other faults. The medal ribbons show small signs of wear and some fading commensurate with their age – but they certainly have a story to tell. The stitching revealed on the reverse confirms this is an 100% original item and not a made up copy. Wings measure 4 1/2" wingtip to wingtip (11 cm.)

RAF Identification Bracelet Tab named to Sergeant E.E.Bond - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Identification Bracelet Tab named to Sergeant E.E.Bond - An emotive RAF ID bracelet engraved 'Sgt E.E.Bond' and below 'C of E' (Church of England) and 'Royal Air Force'. It also details the owners service number 9647 which looks to be an early number and could even be possible he originally served with the Royal Flying Corps pre 1918. We will leave any further detective work to the new custodian. This was a metal detectorist's find and was recovered from near Hunstanton in Norfolk which was very much on the edge of 'Bomber Country' in WWII. The finder was however not prepared to reveal to me the actual location where this 'treasure' came from! The tab is nicely engraved whilst the back is stamped E.P.N.S. The original attachment chain is missing so we will never know how it came to be buried (until recently) in the Norfolk earth!
RAF Shirt Cufflinks - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Shirt Cufflinks - Small but beautifully formed! Each link features a very precise set of RAF wings surmounted by a kings Crown. The cufflinks are joined by a small chain and are finished in chrome. Traces of original red paint remain behind the RAF logo. We have no idea of age but despite being for sale as a collectable they remain entirely suited to their original function. Each link measures 9/10" (2.4 cm)
USAAF Parachute Seat Pack Cushion Part No 44D9370 - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Parachute Seat Pack Cushion Part No 44D9370 - this fine WWII example is fully stamped as shown including Part number and clearly dated September 30th 1944. We are unsure which model of parachute this would have been used in conjunction with but looks to be from a fighter pilots seat chute. It was held in place by four loops at each corner as opposed to the snaps seen on the Irvin seat pack cushion we have also listed today. On many USAAF cushions the crutch strap exits near the front whilst this example has the cut out in the middle of the cushion and is similar to the RAF Irvin style cushion. The manufacturers stamp is not clear but might read HMC. The canvas is all in good shape with just minor fading and a couple of water stains to the underside but no damage. The interior stuffing is a little flattened. Measures 16" x 13" (40 cm x 33 cm)
RAF Heliograph Mirror stores reference number 27H/2107 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Heliograph Mirror stores reference number 27H/2107 - a small but essential instrument issued with the 1941 pattern Mae West and held in the breast pocket. This example is contained within its original calico pouch with securing line attached. Whilst the pouch shows some age and storage marks the instrument is in near perfect condition. The sighting tool is broad arrow marked marked with stores reference number 27H/2107. The signal mirror is again excellent and carries full instructions for use on the reverse. An identical example is illustrated in Mick Prodger's 'Flying Equipment' reference book on page 61. Like all great inventions this is a very simple concept with little to go wrong and was proven to be a life saver by many downed aircrew in WWII. Case measures 3" x 3" when closed (8 cm x 8 cm)
Luftwaffe Cockpit lamp Fl 322272.2 - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Cockpit lamp Fl 322272.2 - Manufactured by Siemens and like most German equipment from this period beautifully engineered. The lamp case is fished in slate grey alloy and the reverse of the case is stamped with a BAL inspectors mark, H23 and a further less clear stamp that might read 024. The lamp itself fits into a recess on the right side of the unit and features an integral loom we imagine to mount it near the crew position to free off his hands. The lamp housing looks to be made of Bakelite and is embossed Bauart with the Siemens logo and at the base 126-12.04 On the reverse is stamped Bauart 126-12.05. The lamp is missing its bulb but otherwise all seems in perfect condition. The lengthy wire contained within the case can be wound out or pulled and it would appear to have had the facility to have been used in various crew positions. We were told by the previous owner this unit was removed from an HE111 bomber although we have been unable to prove this so if any visitors can help us with a firm ID that would be appreciated. The case measures 4.5" x 4.5" (11 cm x 11 cm) whilst the lamp is c.5" long (13.5 cm)
RAF Type 26 Microphone Assembly - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Type 26 Microphone Assembly - Another recent warehouse find! An original RAF WWII period oxygen mask microphone marked on front with stores reference 10A/125712 and fitted with an On Off communication switch. The short short beige loom is in close to mint condition and a 2-pin socket is attached, as fitted to wartime G-type oxygen masks, and compatible with RAF C, D and E pattern flying helmets. In excellent condition and appears never have been issued and is complete with the anti-freeze gauze plate to rear which is marked 10A/12925. Whilst for sale as a collectable it may still be in working order but we have no means of testing it here.
RAF Style Mk VIII Flying/Motoring Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Style Mk VIII Flying/Motoring Goggles - On offer are a set of decent replica goggles based on the RAF Mk VIII pattern. We have no idea who made these as they do not carry any makers marks but they could have been aimed at the motorcycle market? The metal frames are silver painted and in excellent condition as are the clear lenses, although we can't say for sure if safety glass has been fitted. The central nose adjustment bar is an exact copy of the RAF version. The outer face pads are made of leatherette finished plastic while the inner pads and inside nose cover are leather. The back strap in not to the original specification but is fully elastic with plastic adjustment clips. In general we try and stay away from reproduction kit but these came in with a mixed lot of flying kit and if nothing else would be ideal for an aviation themed fancy dress whilst 'Mr Oldnautibits' himself recently used this set at a Mods & Rockers themed charity party!
USAAF A-8 Summer Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF A-8 Summer Flying Helmet - The A-8 flying helmet dates from May 3rd 1933 when the design was standardised but was moved to limited standard in March 1941 and was declared obsolete in September 1944. The A-8 was issued without provision for receivers or oxygen equipment although many were factory modified initially to take the A-8 series of masks. Receivers, when fitted, were held in place by leather receiver cups. The A-8 helmet was actually used in this guise by the first US fighter pilots to arrive in England during the spring and summer of 1942. This example is an unmolested version exactly as issued with a dark olive four segment cotton shell and goggle retaining straps to the rear. The front brow of the shell is stamped with a large AAF logo with Army Air Force below. It also features an original chestnut brown leather chin strap buckled at both sides; this shows some staining and signs of use. Later examples were modified with a fleece lined chin strap which also involved cutting and refinishing the sides of the helmet so it could be used with the A-9 or A-10 masks. Both draw strings are still in place. Inside the helmet carries a woven cloth label confirming the helmet designation and 'DWG 33G 5979' and 'A.C Order No. 41-2047-E.P'. An identical label is shown on page 88 of Mick Prodger's excellent 'Vintage Flying Helmets' reference book and dates our helmet to 1942, which is very late for an unmodified helmet to turn up. The size is indicated as 'Medium'. The A-8 is much harder to find now than the A-9 that replaced it and this pattern was also used in unmolested form by paratroopers in training, in much the same way as the RAF B type, without receiver cups fitted. The A-8 also saw service with the AAF in China and during the early war against the Japanese. Perhaps not the most sexy of US helmets but with its early introduction and unmodified specification and the fact it saw service in one form or another until almost the end of WWII it should form an important part in a US or general flying helmet collection. Thanks again to Mick Prodger for assistance with this description.
Rolls -Royce Merlin Engine Rocker Cover - Click for the bigger picture SoldRolls -Royce Merlin Engine Rocker Cover - Here is something for all of you who are saving up for that Spitfire but who are still some what short of the £1, 000, 000+ required! Whilst we have no history with it the back is distorted and we imagine the engine and airframe it was once attached to had a heavy landing. However from the front it looks very crisp with good clear Rolls Royce name so no doubt about its origins. It is also embossed D 32963 so it may be possible to trace its history. Having compared it to my own Battle of Britain period Merlin engine relic I would say this was from a late Mk of engine but really can't add any more useful information to this description. It could of course be sprayed black and the Rolls Royce picked out in red but we have left it exactly as it came in. Measures 42" x 9" (107 cm x 21 cm)
USAAF A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet - A complete and fully wired example of one of the classic US Army Air Force flying helmets, standardised on August 6th 1943 and was used extensively in WWII and beyond seeing front line service in the Korean War. Everything is as it should be and all in all in really great display condition. Made from a brown cape leather shell with a soft chamois lining. The helmet carries an AAF decal to the front left and a similar even crisper stamp to the inside lining. Receivers fitted are the ANB-H-1 pattern; the one on the right has a minor chip to the edge but as this is inset it is hardly noticeable. A Y loom is fitted and is correctly wired to a PL-54 jack plug. The helmet features 4 snaps each side indicating this was a late specification helmet although the final version carried threaded oxygen mask snaps. An oxygen mask clip is fitted to the right side. The original manufacturer's woven label is attached to the inside rear of the lining, confirming the specification as Type A-11 spec nos 3189 and the size as 'Large' The contact number would appear to date it to 1944 and the manufacturer was Bradley Goodrich Inc. It is also marked 'Property of A.F. U.S. Army'. The lining itself is in good shape with evidence of only light wear. The only minor issues is a split in the leather lining inside one of the receiver 'doughnuts' probably caused when the receiver was originally fitted. This hardly detracts and is unnoticeable when on display. The chin strap and buckle are perfect. A fine example of this classic US helmet of WWII in a desirable large size and worthy of a new home in a serious USAAF collection! More detailed photographs available on request.
Item 5517B Aviation Cartoon Attributed to 'Canning' - Click for the bigger picture SoldItem 5517B Aviation Cartoon Attributed to 'Canning' - Another fine framed cartoon featuring an RAF subject with distinct health and safety issues being highlighted in obvious fashion! The aircraft depicted appears to be a Hawker Hunter which entered RAF service in 1954 and were withdrawn from operational use in 1967. This cartoon has not been signed but it is clearly by the same hand as the 'Canning' example we have also listed today. We have been unable to establish much information on the artist but we have found he was cartooning at at RAF Wildenrath in the early 1970's and had a booklet published that went on sale in the Malcolm Club. The cartoons caricature some of the humorous goings-on in the Harrier Force at the time and it appears this and the other 'Canning' cartoon we are listing today pre date these and are probably circa 1960's. This work features an irate officer who is clearly the Senior Technical Staff Officer (S.T.S.O.) who is less than happy with the First Line Servicing Officer who is being put on the spot for an airborne airframe failure. We will never know if 'Pilot Officer Prune' (or his 1960's counterpart) was able to 'bang out' in time but we hope so! This image has at one stage been drawing pinned to a wall or notice board but is now mounted in a period frame and glazed. Measures 13" x 13" (33 cm x 33 cm) Minor age wear to frame but generally in very clean condition.
RAF Aviation Cartoon by 'Canning' - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Aviation Cartoon by 'Canning' - A rather fine framed cartoon featuring the RAF at work and play- we imagine in the 1960's. The aircraft depicted appear to be Hawker Hunter's which entered RAF service in 1954 and were withdrawn from operational service in 1967. We have been unable to identify the artist but we have found he was cartooning at at RAF Wildenrath in the early 1970's and had a booklet published that went on sale in the Malcolm Club. The cartoons caricature some of the humorous goings-on in the Harrier Force at the time and it appears this and the other 'Canning' cartoon we are listing today pre date these and are probably circa 1960's. This work features an officer who is clearly the Senior Technical Staff Officer (S.T.S.O.) who is less than happy with the way the 'erks' are looking after the aircraft under their charge with total disregard to health and safety issues and it would seem the Servicing Controller is shortly for the high jump The cartoon has some lovely period details and we particularly like the young 'Eric Bristow' type with his makeshift dart board/ RAF roundel! The picture is signed 'Canning' bottom right and bottom left is marked in pencil 'M'. We are unsure if this is an original or a print but it is period framed and glazed. Measures 17.5" x 14.0" (44 cm x 36 cm)
This is a Used Book
'So Many' A Folio Dedicated to All Who Served With Bomber Command 1939-45 - Click for the bigger picture Sold'So Many' A Folio Dedicated to All Who Served With Bomber Command 1939-45

In 1990 a unique fine art folio was published entitled "So Few" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. This is the companion volume, published by W.H. Smith in 1995. This is an impressive hardback book containing 276 pages with many colour and black and white illustrations, letters and short biographies of 25 Bomber Command aircrew who are featured. It carries colour plates of the aircrews' cherished memorabilia like Mae Wests, Irvin jackets, flying helmets and other related wartime ephemera. The book was compiled in association with the Royal Air force Benevolent Fund as a tribute to the pilots, navigators, bomb-aimers, signallers, flight engineers and air gunners in Bomber Command in World War Two 1939 - 1945. This book profiles the selected aircrew with silhouettes of each of them in 1995, a photograph, where possible, taken during the war, a facsimile of a written reminiscence and a colour photograph of their memorabilia. We have a copy in our own library here, as well as the companion volume and we would commend to anyone with an interest in or association with Bomber Command. Whilst the fighter boys have tended to attract the most attention post war it must be remembered Bomber Command suffered a higher casualty rate than any other part of the British military in World War Two and my own late Father served as a pilot with the Command and beat the odds, largely as a result of being captured in 1941. This is a large coffee table style book measures 13.25" x 9 1/2" (34 cms x 24 cms) and weighs in at 1.8 Kilos. Condition is excellent although the dust cover is slightly sunned and has a minor tear but inside the condition is hard to fault.

Pages: 276
Cover: Hard
Author: Michael Pierce, John Golley & Bill G

Westland Whirlwind Helicopter Control Column and Grip - Click for the bigger picture SoldWestland Whirlwind Helicopter Control Column and Grip - We are advised this'joystick'was removed from a Westland Whirlwind helicopter. It is profusely stamped with the data plate reading PT No AC 61860 and below ISS 1 000 followed by No 183 which appears to confirm its origins although we don't know the actual airframe it was from. The stick itself is marked WAR.45.993.1531. The grip has a multitude of buttons, switches and controls 'Hoist Up / Down', 'Outside Light', 'Spare Switch', 'Hoist Cable Cutter' and others. It appears to have a brake lever fitted although we were advised this is actually for the Fuel Computer Disconnect. The original cabling is still connected and the whole unit is in good issued condition although it is offered as a collectable display item only and it carries no certificate of airworthiness! Measures 29" (74 cm) Please check the Whirlwind aircraft panels which we are also listing today.
WAAF WWII Drivers Gloves - Click for the bigger picture SoldWAAF WWII Drivers Gloves - An extremely scarce pair of Air Ministry issue gauntlets finished in very soft mid brown leather. The design is similar in many respects to the 1933 RAF pattern flying gloves but without the zip fitted in the wrist section. The leather (probably calf) is very soft and in virtually unworn condition. The inner lining is clearly stamped with a Kings Crown and below A.M. as well as A.I.D. inspectors stamps in both gloves. A similar pattern was also issued to F.A.N.Y drivers as well as ATS despatch riders in WWII but in this instance their is no doubt these are the scarce Air Ministry issue WAAF pattern. The size stamp is not clear but they could be a size 6 making them on the small size. This is the first pair of WAAF gloves we have had in 10 years and we don't anticipate these will be with us long!
USAAF Air Crew Cap Heavy Type D1-A - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Air Crew Cap Heavy Type D1-A - This cap is just post-WWII and is used with an A-1A flying shirt and E-1A trousers. Like most clothing from the period just post WWII, all these items came in blue, green, and sage green. The green clothing usually had no suffix, such as "D-1", the blue clothing usually had an "A" such as D-1A, and the sage green usually was "B". This example is in very good issued condition with clear AAF decal to rear and inside issue label. Size large.
Item 5134 Limited Edition Print signed by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC - Click for the bigger picture SoldItem 5134 Limited Edition Print signed by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC - We have been fortunate to purchase four limited edition prints which we are listing today, all published by 'Legends' (UK) in 1989. Each is signed in pencil by the artist J.G.Keek and the subject, in this case Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, of 617 Dambusters Squadron. The print is numbered 602 of a limited edition of the 1000 produced in total. Group Captain Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire, VC, OM, DSO with Two Bars and DFC really needs no introduction but was born 7 September 1917 and died on 31 July 1992. He became a highly decorated Royal Air Force pilot during the Second World War. He was appointed as Commanding Officer of the legendary 617 "Dambusters" Squadron in September 1943 and pioneered a unique and effective way of marking targets. The 617 crest and motto 'Après Moi Le Deluge' is shown top right of the print. Cheshire was nearing the end of his fourth tour of duty in July 1944, having completed a total of 102 Operations, when he was awarded the Victoria Cross with his citation noting : "In four years of fighting against the bitterest opposition he maintained a standard of outstanding personal achievement, his successful operations being the result of careful planning, brilliant execution and supreme contempt for danger – for example, on one occasion he flew his Mustang in slow 'figures of eight' above a target obscured by low cloud, to act as a bomb-aiming mark for his squadron. Cheshire displayed the courage and determination of an exceptional leader".He was the youngest Group Captain in the RAF and one of the most highly decorated pilots of the war, but after serving as the British observer on the Nagasaki nuclear attack he resigned from the Air Force in 1946. He subsequently founded a hospice that grew into the charity 'Leonard Cheshire Disability', and he became known for his work in conflict resolution; he was created Baron Cheshire in 1991 in recognition of his charitable work. For those who have not read his book 'Bomber Pilot' I commend it to you and it helped inspire my love of aviation back in the 1960's. This print (and the others we have purchased) came sealed in acetate and we have left them sealed to protect them. So the actual image quality is better than that shown in our listing. This print is a large size at 24" x 1`6" (60 cm x 40 cm) and would benefit from being framed sand glazed. The print is not faded in any way and the original Cheshire pencil signature is strong. Clearly a signed limited edition that can never be repeated so grab it whilst you can!
WWII French Air Force Mechanic's Wings - Click for the bigger picture SoldWWII French Air Force Mechanic's Wings - Corresponding to the RAF Flight engineer 1936 specification. Issued to mechanics after 200 hours flying service. Gold bullion wire with engineer's motif below and set on a dark blue felt background. Minor wear but a 100% genuine period example with evidence of stitching where it has been removed from a uniform tunic. Good issued condition. Measures 4" (10.5 cm)
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