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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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RAF Escape Compass - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Escape Compass - for use by downed airmen in the tropics. The compass has a star shaped pointer, sealed in plastic to protect the mechanism from humidity - designed to be worn around the crewman's neck. Plastic a little opaque, but in working order.
RAF G type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF G type Flying Helmet - Fitted with receivers and wiring loom, this example is dated 1966 and is a size 2, although like most examples of this pattern, seems to fit more like a wartime size 4. Originally used in conjunction with the RAF Mk I and Mk IA flying helmet. Complete with snaps and clip for the H type oxygen mask. Minor service wear.
Air Ministry 'Scramble' Bell - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Ministry 'Scramble' Bell - Before you get too excited, this is an ex film prop from Pinewood Studios! While we do not usually offer reproduction items, this is actually a genuine bell chrome finished on brass, but engraved by the chaps at the studio prop department with the King's Crown, A.M. and 1940. The bell is fitted with a red top, embossed with the crown and is complete with clapper. Would be ideal for re-enactors, where it could be risky to use the genuine article, or for the RAF collector who cannot afford the real thing, even if he should find it! It measures 10" (25 cm.) at the base and 14" (36 cm.) high including hanger. Overall in good conditin but some wear to chrome finish.
Aircraft Control Grip - Click for the bigger picture SoldAircraft Control Grip - Cast in alloy. While it has various markings engraved on it, we have so far failed to identify the aircraft type it was designed for. It has the appearance of an American civilian grip in the 1930's. In very good condition. 34 cm.
WWII Aircraft Tail Wheel & Mount - Click for the bigger picture SoldWWII Aircraft Tail Wheel & Mount - Various stampings and original tyre & tube – still inflated! We are told this was brought back from Arnham as a souvenir. Aircraft type unidentified. Wheel diameter 30 cm.
USAF Type B-15C Intermediate Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF Type B-15C Intermediate Flying Jacket - A replica flight jacket made by Alpha Industries in the USA with USAF woven insignia to left arm and superb bullion patch to breast for 96th Bomb Group Korea. This jacket is in excellent condition, made to specification MIL-J-6251B (MOD). A very wearable jacket with added bonus of being an extra large size -about 44" (112 cm) chest.
RAF Mk 14A Flying Suit with Central Flying School badging - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Mk 14A Flying Suit with Central Flying School badging - Named to Pilot Officer Derek Evans VI AEF and with a rare Central Flying School badge, together with a 2, 000 hour Chipmunk and 6 AEF badge. Some service wear, but overall good condition and complete with fitted issue emergency knife. To fit height 71-74" (180-188 cm.)
Luftwaffe Armbandkompass - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Armbandkompass - Model AK39 (first pattern) complete with original wrist strap. Issued to all Luftwaffe flight crew to aid downed flyers to navigate on the ground. Worn on wrist or attached to schwimmweste. Good original condition but bezel no longer rotates.
Vickers Oleo Hand Pump - Click for the bigger picture SoldVickers Oleo Hand Pump - rare, WWI vintage, used to pump up the Oleo undercarriage legs with Oleo oil. This example comes from a museum display and is sold as a decorative item.
USAAF D-1 Ground Crew Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF D-1 Ground Crew Jacket - This example is tailored without pockets and is manufactured by Werber Sportswear Company and contract dated 1942. Zip appears to be a period replacement. Some service wear but a nice original example. While the label is marked medium, it comfortably fits c.42" chest (108 cm)
Air Ministry Bell - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Ministry Bell - This example is a film prop produced for Pinewood Studios, using a genuine bell (chrome on brass), but with the addition of a King's Crown, A.M. and 1940 date to front. It is complete with metal ring hanger and red painted clapper. We have no idea which film this was used in, but ideal for the re-enactor or RAF collector on a modest budget! It measures 7.5" (19 cm.) diameter and 9" (23 cm.) high including hanger.
USAAF 'Para' Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF 'Para' Flying Helmet - WWII, Ref. NAF 1092.
RAF Mk I Lightweight Flying Suit named to Coventry Gliding Club - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Mk I Lightweight Flying Suit named to Coventry Gliding Club - RAF stores ref. 22C/1614. This suit has seen post RAF service with the Coventry Gliding Club and is complete with "AWA" wings and metal gliding club badging. In excellent original condition, the suit is a size 6 to fit height 71" (180 cm.)
RAF Mk 4/4A Flying Suit with Pilot's Brevet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Mk 4/4A Flying Suit with Pilot's Brevet - An excellent original suit stores ref. 22C/1964 and dated 1959. It carries Wing Commander's lace and is named to Saunders. A 53 Squadron bullion badge is sewn to the right arm. This squadron was based at Topcliffe in the 1960's, operating Hasting and Beverley and was disbanded in 1976. The suit is a size 7 to fit height 72-76" (183-193 cm.)
RAF E type Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF E type Helmet - Coastal Command issue, complete with fitted receivers, external wiring loom, impedance box and type 48 microphone. This helmet is interesting as it is an intermediate variation with external wiring but front goggle retaining straps omitted and the leather chin strap replaced with elastic webbing. Large size. Some service wear. Probably late 1943 issue.
Luftwaffe Sommerfliegerkombi - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Sommerfliegerkombi - Superb original example of the second pattern with ring pull emergency release system and vertical zip fly. Manufactured by Bekleidungsfabrik Habelf and dated 1940. Fitted with original Elite zips, complete with leather pullers, all in good working order. The size is marked as 11A. The "pepper and salt" fabric is characteristic of suits worn by bomber crews in the Battle of Britain. This suit is in the condition we dream of finding but seldom do!
USAAF Officer's Chocolate Tunic and 'Pinks' - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Officer's Chocolate Tunic and 'Pinks' - An excellent example manufactured by Mart Schaffner & Marx and dated May, 1942. Original rank badging, buttons and AAF cloth insignia to shoulder. Matching service trousers and both items in very clean, original condition. Tunic chest size c.36" (92 cm), trouser waist size c.32" (81 cm).
USAAF B-15A Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF B-15A Flying Jacket - This pattern was standardised in November 1944 and features characteristic leather triangular patches designed for the oxygen tube attachment points. AAF decal to shoulder. This jacket has a '45 contract date and is fitted with an original Conmar zip, and is in excellent original condition with minor service wear. Size 40" (102 cm).
Heston Aircraft Company Presentation Dish - Click for the bigger picture SoldHeston Aircraft Company Presentation Dish - Manufactured in pewter with etched red glass base with the Heston Aircraft Company logo. They were based at Heston Airport near Hounslow in the 1930's and would guess this item dates from this period. Some age wear, but over all very good condition. 3.5 cm diameter.
Luftwaffe LKpN 101 'Netzkopfhaube' Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe LKpN 101 'Netzkopfhaube' Flying Helmet - An example of the first pattern net flying helmet, synonymous with Luftwaffe WWII fighter pilots. This is the early pattern with provision for the two stud attachment 1069 oxygen mask. This helmet appear to have had a hard war with all electrics removed and an RAF oxygen mask clip added. We were told it was recovered from a German crash site and used subsequently by an RAF pilot. It has a manufacturer's label indicating code bxo, so was made by Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie Ag, Berlin. Some wear to netting but an interesting example which no doubt has a story to tell if it could only speak! Small size.
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