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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - our most recent sale is listed first - this is now quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, use our keyword search to search the entire stock database.

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'D' Type Flying Gauntlets - Click for the bigger picture Sold'D' Type Flying Gauntlets - RAF, Ref. 22C/771. Nice AM cloth labels with AID stamps. Excellent leather. These gloves have been mismatched at some stage, as one size difference between left and right, but they appear to have been worn as a pair.
Luftwaffe Splitterschutzbrille Flying Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Splitterschutzbrille Flying Goggles - This pair are extremely high quality replicas, although they were sold to the previous owner as the real thing. We believe these to be manufactured in Eastern Europe and represent the third type developed by Nitsche & Gunther and feature a three piece hinged frame and a silken elastic back strap. These goggles were designed with curved lenses to deflect small splinters of shrapnel, while providing excellent optical qualities. With originals now changing hands for £400-£600, these represent excellent value either for display in a collection or for the re-enactor.
Italian/Luftwaffe Flight Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldItalian/Luftwaffe Flight Jacket - This is an interesting one! When purchased we were advised that this jacket had belonged to a Luftwaffe crew member in WWII. In general terms the design is similar to the blue grey summer jacket but intriguingly it features a dark sheepskin lining which has been made up so it buttons into the jacket. This can be completely removed together with the fur collar attachment and could therefore be used in both summer and winter conditions. The jacket has no nomenclature of any description and it has almost certainly be made up as a private purchase item, perhaps to the original owner's specification. The main zip which has a double puller arrangement is made by Zipp and while in working order, the runner feed is a little tender. The sleeve zips are also by Zipp but to a different design and are in working order. In photographing the jacket, we have detected a stitch imprint which appears to indicate where a Luftwaffe breast eagle has been removed. The jacket is a good size. We have just been contacted by Mick Prodger who has helped ID our jacket: 'It's a beautiful jacket - and a rare item. But it isn't private purchase and it isn't German. It's Italian! The quality of Italian air force stuff was staggering - like Armani was in the flying jacket business! The Luftwaffe eagle may have been added post war, although it wouldn't surprise me at all if some Luftwaffe pilots wore the jacket during the war - after all they were allies until 1943 and the Brits/Americans wore each other's gear. Zipp was an international company and you will find Canadian, Australian, US and many European items (as well as German) with Zipp brand zips. However the little teardrop puller is very characteristic of Italian design. Nice too that it still has it's button in fur liner'. Thanks for that Mick and we are all wiser now!
RCAF B Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRCAF B Type Flying Helmet - A very well presented example as issued to RCAF air crew in the early part of WWII. The leather is soft and supple with no repairs or other damage. The snaps and buckles are in place and working. The receiver housings have been fitted with one carrying a Canadian made lightning zip and the other a dot. Both look original to the helmet. Interestingly, snaps have been added to the front of the helmet - a feature not normally seen on RCAF B types, as the appropriate oxygen mask carried an integral harness. These were actually fitted to this helmet to attach a leather face mask which could well be theater made to protect crew members in open positions. The mask that came with the helmet is included in the sale. Inside the lining shows normal service wear but is in generally excellent condition. No stamps or labels are fitted and the helmet is a good size, probably equating to an RAF size 3. We have had a few of these over the years but this is probably the best example of date.
RCAF Issue 'B' Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRCAF Issue 'B' Type Flying Helmet - WWII, with zip receiver housings. This helmet was used by an RAF Spitfire pilot on photographic reconnaissance missions. In good issued condition. Medium size.
RAF C type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF C type Flying Helmet - This is a second pattern internally wired helmet, introduced into service in 1944. It is fully wired with excellent receivers housings, loom and jack plug fitted. All snaps and buckles are in place. The leather outer shell is generally sound but exhibits some flaking to the surface and the oxygen snaps are a little tender. The helmet is stamped with the broad arrow property mark and stores ref. no. 22C/880, making it the largest size 4. Inside the leather lining is in excellent issued condition and the helmet has had several owners, the last appearing to be James. This helmet, despite its faults, stll makes a good and complete example for display purposes only and has been priced accordingly.
Trench Art Model of deHavilland Mosquito - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Model of deHavilland Mosquito - This example, unlike the original "wooden wonder" is fashioned from aircraft alloy on a turned allow base. The model reflects the classic lines of this famous fighter bomber which was much loved by its pilots and served with distinction in WWII. Wing span 8.5" (22 cm)
Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldFlying Helmet - Luftwaffe, WWII, Model LKpW 101, winter weight, rabbit fur lining, full electrics including throat mike.
RAF Aerial Kite - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Aerial Kite - Model M-347-A. Complete with yellow painted issue tin with very clear instructions and illustration of a downed airman in his dinghy. These kites were used by both RAF and USAAF airmen and by attaching the Gibson Girl aerial wire, they were then able to transmit an emergency signal to summon air sea rescue services. These kites often saw post war service in the hands of small boys (myself included! and few have survived in this condition. Other than the string being missing, it is more or less perfect. We have seen a similar item sell recently on eBay for an excess of £200. Ours is available at a very modest £95! Pictures of the kite assembled available on request.
No. 7 Bomber Squadron Cigarette Box - Click for the bigger picture SoldNo. 7 Bomber Squadron Cigarette Box - Made from Birmingham hallmarked silver dating to 1923. The lid carries an engraving "From the Officers NCO's & Men of B Flight No. 7 Bomber Squadron August 1936". The squadron was formed for the RFC in 1914 and Sqd Ldr Portal was CO for some time (later becoming C in C Bomber Command in 1940). In 1936 B flight converted to Heyford III's and in September moved from the base at Worthy Down to Finningley and this box dates to this time. Some knocks and creases to the silver and repairs to the teak lining but an unusual item named to one of the earliest RFC/RAF squadrons. Later in WWII, equipped with Lancasters, number 7 took part in the Peenemunde Raid and 580 decorations were awarded during the war to the squadron personnel. Measure 3.25" x 3.25" (8 cm x 8 cm)
B-24 Model Liberator - Click for the bigger picture SoldB-24 Model Liberator - A very fine example manufactured from solid brass with unusual perspex propellers to give a realistic impression of the aircraft in flight. Unlike many models of this type, the detailing and proportions are excellent and it is complimented by a mahogany and brass display stand. This would make an fine addition to an aviation collection. It is heavy, so please check postage with us. Wing span 13" (34 cm)
Bristol Aeroplane Company Test Gauge - Click for the bigger picture SoldBristol Aeroplane Company Test Gauge - The brass scale indicates it was for use on the Hercules, Perseus and Centaurus engines. The instrument is stamped FB101192/2MM and has BAC and a broad arrow crudely engraved below. The Perseus engine was used on the Lysander aircraft, while the Centaurus entered service in 1942 on the Warwick, Tempest and Fury. The Hercules was fitted to the Bristol Freighter which entered service in 1945. The scale indicates 0 - 30 and appears to be some sort of pressure testing instrument, circa 1945. 45 cm (17.5").
RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - An extremely tidy pair and completely original in every respect. The suede is in immaculate condition and the rubber galosh is well above average as they are prone to cracking and peeling on these boots. The leather ankle straps are in position and original Lightning zips are functioning. The "Itside" soles are original to the boots and show minor service wear. The boots are named to Norton and are marked on the leather tongues 22C-752, which indicates that they are a size 9. The interior fur reflects the quality of the rest of the boots.
USAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - WWII, lined, c.1943, single right hand pocket, waist straps, contrasting leather on upper arms. Chest size 42" (107 cm). This jacket is about as good as they come - it has a particularly nice patina. It's the best example of the B3 that we've had.
This is a New Book
Combat Flying Equipment - Click for the bigger picture SoldCombat Flying Equipment

A superb first edition covering U.S. Army Aviators' personal equipment from 1917-1945. Published in 1989 and is profusely illustrated with period black and white photographs and diagrams. Covers oxygen equipment, parachutes, armour, pressure suits and survival items. A great reference book for all USAAF collectors and getting hard to find. In excellent used condition.

Pages: 244
Cover: Hard
Author: C. G. Sweeping

RAF Inspectorate of Recruiting Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Inspectorate of Recruiting Plaque - Manufactured from cast alluminium, it has provision for mounting to a wall on the reverse and was probably used outside the Inspectorate section. The paintwork has been renewed, based on the remains of the original paint and the item is in good condition. It is surmounted by a Queen's Crown, so it is definitely post war. It is a large and imposing item measuring 19" x 15" (48 cm x 38 cm).
The Battle of Britain Tankard by Gordon Davies - Click for the bigger picture SoldThe Battle of Britain Tankard by Gordon Davies - Issued by the RAFA in 1990 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. It features fine transfer prints of Spitfires, although sadly the Hurricane that played such a crucial role has been omitted! It also features a pilot scrambling as well as the RAF crest. Measures 5" high (12 cm), 1 pint capacity.
1941 Pattern Flying Gloves - Click for the bigger picture Sold1941 Pattern Flying Gloves - RAF, Ref. 22C/753 Size 10. Characteristic slanted zips fitted, in good working order. Like most RAF wartime gloves, the left and the right were made by different contractors (to reduce the liklehood of theft), but appear to have been worn as a pair. In excellent service condition.
Trench Art Eagle and Letter Opener - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Eagle and Letter Opener - Manufactured from Plexiglas, almost certainly recovered from crashed aircraft. The eagle is mounted on a hardwood base with detailed carving. This is accompanied by a letter opener made from the same material and embossed on the handle, Tunis 1943. These items were purchased together and were probably fashioned by the same hand. Eagle wing span 6" (15 cm), letter opener 8" (20 cm)
USN M-422A Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSN M-422A Jacket - or maybe an early G-1? The manufacturer's label is still in place but we can not decipher it - either way, this is an early jacket in excellent condition. The lining has been professionally replaced and the badge is a modern replica; the "Vet" understandably wanted to keep his original squadron badge and name tag. Talon zip fitted and, while the jacket shows some service wear, overall it is in excellent shape. Size is marked at 40" (102 cm) but seems to fit bigger. Knitted cuffs and waist band in good condition with USN stenciled behind the mouton collar. A great example of this classic Navy flight jacket.
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